A Spotlight On Mr. Hillier’s Performance in Eastlake at Council President… updated 2/6/21

LFC Comments: We received the following from Mr. Thomas Hach, a Lake County Republican Central Committeeman. Mr. Hach is doing his due diligence on behalf of the registered Republicans in his precinct.

He is asking for some clarification from Mr. Hillier about the financial debacle that happened in the City of Eastlake in 2004 while Hillier was Chairman of the City Council.

We will report any response that Mr. Hach receives from Mr. Hillier. (see update below)


Mr. Hillier,

Thank you for the information regarding Painesville Township.

Would you also please comment on the CITY OF EASTLAKE FISCAL EMERGENCY (See below and attached) which occurred in 2004 during your tenure as Eastlake City Council President.

Any clarification on your role during the CITY OF EASTLAKE FISCAL EMERGENCY — which was not resolved until the end of 2007, more than two years after you resigned and left the city — would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Tom Hach: Lake GOP Central Committee – Concord N

Updated 2/6/21 6:45 pm

LFC Comments: Here is the response from Mr. Hillier to Mr. Hach’s question. Unfortunately, it is a typical politician’s answer…no answer! Mr. Hillier has been less than forthcoming with his involvement in the City of Eastlake’s financial disaster. The City did not pull out of the financial crisis until well after Mr. Hillier left the city.


Mr. Hach,

Earlier you sent me an email requesting I comment on my tenure as Council President for the City of Eastlake as I helped lead the city out of its Fiscal Emergency declaration. I appreciate the question and as I’m sure this will be a topic of discussion at next Wednesday’s Central Committee Meeting, I look forward to continuing the conversation then. Until then, I wish you well.


Chuck Hillier

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