My Pillow Guy has the Absolute Proof

LFC Comments: The video is long, but Mike Lindell put together a great video that provides the proof that the legacy media, the demonic Democrats and the spineless Republicans say is not there.

We understand the conduct of the Demonic Democrats, but the RINO’s showed their true colors, and have forever changed the Republican Party. Those that voted against Trump better sharpen up their resumes.

Mark / Content
12:36 Information Cyber Warfare Expert Phil Waldron
23:00 Russ Ramsland Exposes Computer Fraud
48:50 Dr. Shiva – Pattern Analysis Expert
1:00;00 Patrick Holbrook – Fmr. Michigan St. Senator – Election Board Inspector
1:04:40 Melissa Corone – Worked for Dominion Software
1:08:22 Matt DePerno – Lawyer in Northern Michigan County
1:36:00 Mary Fanning – National Intelligence Reseracher – proof of foreign

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