Vaccinations Exceeding COVID Cases…are masks with us forever?

LFC Comments by T. Paine:
The Center for Community Solutions provided this cool graphic showing that the number of vaccinations is now exceeding the number of COVID cases in Ohio.

We will answer our own question about how long will be wearing masks. Our bet is that the globalists will coerce the politicians with monetary incentives to keep the people afraid, and wearing masks forever. Our life as we knew it before 2020 is gone.

We used to believe that what was happening in Europe was foreshadowing what will happen in the United States. Many Europeans do not own their own homes, live in apartments, and do not venture very far from home. If they do leave home, they ride bikes or take public transportation. In America, suburbs are in danger of being a relic of a bygone era, as people are being re-directed into the large cities where they can be monitored and controlled.

However, we can now see that our politicians, large multi-national corporation, colleges, and legacy media have sold out America. They are now all dancing the tune played by the Chinese Communist Party. (Do the Chinese play the fiddle?)

For those that voted for Biden, you will reap what you have sown. Be sure you understand how people in China, Venezuela, and Cuba live because that will be the legacy you have left for your children and grandchildren. All because you did not like what a guy tweeted! Unbelievable!

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