And the Winner is Bob Paduchik!!!

LFC Comments: Ladies and gentlemen, we are introducing the new Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party replacing the recently departed Jane Timken, who saw the opportunity to grab the brass ring and take over Rob Portman’s Congressional Senate seat.

His name is Bob Paduchik….Well, what about Bob? Who is he, and who did he defeat in the election?

“Robert Anthony Paduchik is a political official who served as the Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee from 2017-2019. He is currently a Senior Advisor for Donald Trump’s 2020 Presidential Re-Election Campaign. He was also the campaign’s Ohio state director in 2016.” Wikipedia

Bob did not have to compete for the Chairman’s position. Read on, it will become very clear how Ohio Republican politics works. Free and fair elections?…You have to be kidding us! It is all just an illusion.


How Did Bob Paduchik Become Leader of the Ohio Republican Party?

Written by: Anonymous
February 17, 2021

How do I know on Friday, February 26th Bob Paduchik will become the next Ohio Republican Chairman?  Easy answer: He is the only candidate running! 

Recently Jane Timken (former Chairman ORP) was unanimously re-elected by the State Central Committee, then 2 weeks later unexpectedly resigns!  No explanation given.  She just cut the cord. But it was obvious plans were in the works for her to run for Rob Portman’s open Senate seat.

So here’s how Republican politics work in Ohio.  A State Central Committeeman told me a year ago that the establishment was grooming Jane for Portman’s Senate seat.  (with Portman’s approval, of course) this was secretively in the works for a long time. 

Portman just didn’t suddenly decide not to run, remember nothing happens in politics by accident.  There is endless behind the scenes planning for everything. 


What should have been done, ethically speaking, is Jane should have made the announcement 5 months ago that she would not be returning as Chairman thus giving other candidates the opportunity to present their credentials.  We would have had a strong list of would-be-chairmen to choose from, there would be a selection committee established, we would have listened to each one over the ensuing months as they presented themselves, let the best man win!

But not so in modern Ohio (Mike DeWine era) politics.  Leave nothing to chance.  As I said, Jane was sworn in and resigns 2 weeks later! The ORP by-laws state that we must elect another Chairman within 30 days.  So this deliberately prevented any sort of meaningful vetting. 

Mr. Bob Paduchik (who was preselected by Gov. Mike DeWine and Jane Timken) begins hurriedly calling everyone announcing his candidacy. This is all happening at warp speed so there was no time for any other candidate to throw their hat in the ring. 

By default [and design] Paduchik will become Chairman.

Bob resides in Genoa, Ohio and worked with the Trump campaign in 2016 as well as working with the Rob Portman campaign and certainly has the potential to be a very good Chairman.  A chairman’s greatest asset is his ability to raise money and he has access to some of the wealthiest  people in America.  He also has proven leadership. 

But as a State Central Committeeman, I was told that I would be choosing the next Chairman.  That’s what we are supposed to do on the committee.  Well…idiot me, I do get to choose, just as long as its Bob Paduchik!


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