Exposing Marxism Curriculum in Ohio’s Public Schools

LFC Comments: We are continuing to expose the Marxists’ curriculum being taught in Ohio’s public schools.

The State School Board, and many other local school districts have the audacity to use our property taxes to dumb down the children with the fraudulent Critical Race Theory.

Here is a resolution dated July 14, 2020 that was adopted by the Ohio State Board of Education:

From Paolo DeMaria, State Superintendent of Public Instruction:

“Further resolved that the State Board of Education directs the Ohio Department of
Education to provide support for school districts’ reflection and internal examination,
including identifying and sharing curricular models and resources; promoting
sessions to allow districts to share and collaborate on their actions
; and to share progress in implementing these changes…” (Emphasis added by LFC)

Here is a blueprint by the Gahanna-Jefferson school district that, as we have been told, will be a model for all 600+ school districts in the State of Ohio.

From Steve Barrett, GJ School Superintendent:

Our board of education has played a critical and valuable role, affirming our commitment to equity in a Resolution Reaffirming the Board’s Commitment to District Core Values, passed at our July 16, 2020, Board of Education Meeting. Our Equity Task Force has used this resolution to build a plan to create equity throughout our district. I thank them for their commitment and dedication to this work. This document describes our journey and our plan for ensuring Equity & Access for ALL. [Emphasis added by LFC]

LFC requested Linda Goundsmit weigh in on the Gahanna-Jefferson Public School blueprint for the children in their school district.

We are pleased to provide Linda’s editorial comments on the GJPS brochure that shines the light on the social justice curriculum fraud perpetrated on the unsuspecting public. Linda’s brilliant writing exposes another colossal humanitarian hoax that will have devastating consequences for our Constitutional Republic.

Equality versus Equity

Written by Linda Goudsmit
February 17, 2021

The Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools (GJP) has formally adopted Critical Race Theory as its foundation instead of the Constitution of the United States. CRT is an anti-American educational program of institutional racism against white Americans, and it is absolutely frightening.

You say that 70% of Cleveland Public School graduates cannot read – that is by design. Illiteracy is required because literacy, history, and critical thinking skills are required to debunk Critical Race Theory. CRT requires a feelings-based, not fact-based education, to succeed in America.   

Equity is defined as the quality of being fair. Equality is defined as the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. Equality vs equity.  

One word changes the mission of public education. Equality of education is not the same as equal opportunity for education, and equality of opportunity is not the same as equal outcome.

The mission of public education needs to reflect the core values of equal opportunity laid out in the United States Constitution. It must reflect the individualism and Judeo-Christian tenets upon which our country was founded. Collectivist Cultural Marxism is antithetical to our constitutional republic. “Love thy neighbor” already covers the individual moral imperatives of kindness, compassion, and inclusion. The shift from Constitutional precepts to Cultural Marxism reflected in the GFPS educational shift from equality to equity is no small thing.

Equal opportunity celebrates individualism, independence, and the human rights of man to own himself, his thoughts, and the fruits of his labor. Private property is the fruits of his labor and the foundation of upward mobility that defines the middle class in America. 

Equal outcome celebrates collectivism, dependence, and the rights of the state/centralized government to own the fruits of man’s labor. There is no private property in Marxism/communism/collectivism. Collectivism is binary, there is always an elite ruling class that controls the masses. 21st century CRT is the resurrected lie of 20th century cultural Marxism. CRT is a variation on a theme of deception – it is a colossal humanitarian hoax. There is NO social justice or income equality in collectivist societies – there is only the rulers and the ruled.

Collectivism (socialism/communism/Marxism) denies man’s individuality, while capitalism celebrates man’s individuality. It is dehumanizing, against the nature of man, to live in any social system that requires absolute conformity and sameness. Freedom does not exist without choice, and conformity denies choice. Prisoners are issued numbers, and collectivism imprisons man by turning him into a number. In collectivism, man becomes a cog in the state’s wheel – the ruling class drives the wagon.  

Page 2 of the GJPS paper “personal biases” and “systemic biases” are code phrases for white privilege. GJPS has embraced critical race theory which is entirely racist because everything is seen through the lens of race – not merit. CRT’s racist messaging deliberately foments racial tensions and feelings of anger on all sides of the racial issue.

I loved Martin Luther King – he was a consummate American patriot. His ethos of judging an individual based on the content of his/her character rather than the color of his/her skin makes him my hero. The Democrat party today prefers Malcolm X!  

Instead of foundational knowledge and basic skills, the GJPS unapologetically states it is committed to students’ feelings. CRT is the vehicle being used to transform the mission of public education from acquiring educational competence to having students feel good. Here is the problem. Competence is the mother of self-esteem. CRT is the consummate humanitarian hoax because it presents its destructive goal as altruistic. Failing, illiterate students do NOT feel good about themselves.

If the GJPS really wanted students to feel good, they would help them acquire educational competence. Instead, they have adopted the manipulative and deceitful message of Marxist Kamala Harris’ short video titled Equality vs Equity.

The 11.1.2020 Gateway Pundit article below and my editorial response is a good place to start in understanding the devastation of CRT in our schools. It is bad enough that the students graduate illiterate, but now they will be legally and institutionally indoctrinated with racist CRT designed to groom them into angry, unthinking comrades, loyal to the state. If CRT is adopted across the country the United States of America will collapse as a constitutional republic – no bullets required. Whoever controls the education controls the future. We are at the tipping point.





The following is Linda’s editorial on a Gateway Pundit article that exposes Kamala Harris endorsing communism.

Linda Goudsmit November 2, 2020

Here is the problem for anyone voting for Biden/Harris. Marxist Kamala Harris did not mention that the ruling class, Biden/Harris included, will NEVER end up in the same place as you!! The ruling class, whether communism, socialism, monarchy, theocracy, ANY oligarchy (government by the few) is a binary system of rulers and the ruled. Just ask the people of Venezuela! If you value your freedom vote Trump/Pence.


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