Governor DeWine’s 9 Books To Perdition

Written by Tom Niewulis, Geauga County
Formatted by LFC

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Mike DeWine is sworn in

Gov. DeWine An Open Letter – 9 Books To Perdition

I began to write Gov. DeWine an open letter but it was turning into a book. Instead of writing something that I knew he would never read, I decided that I would make the open letter a program that anyone could republish as they would like.

The Content

The content of this Open Letter message to Gov. DeWine was to begin with the Executive Orders (EO’s) that he signed on inauguration day. As a sitting member of the mental health board at that time, I found two executive orders to be adding big government and a capitulation to the psychobable lobby. In my opinion, the positions and intent of these orders would add to loss of parental control of K-12 students and would, as it has proven to be true, implement programs into schools that parents may not be aware of which promote mental evaluations of all students. Remember, mental health boards count all students as a demographic, especially for funding purposes.




As I was looking back at Gov. DeWine’s site to find the EO’s, I was shocked to see the picture there of him taking the oath of office. Not that the intent of the new Governor was other than to show respect for the previous owners of the Bibles/New Testaments that his wife was holding but that this action of oath taking is not representative of putting the Truth principles into his exercising governance. Therefore, I believed that the best way to address this swearing in was to bring it into context of the Rev. John Webb Sermon, The Government of Christ, that I put up this past week. You ask why?

The simple answer is that Gov. DeWine Does Not Govern as one who swears on nine Bibles and New Testaments. When one reviews the Sermon of Rev. Webb and other Foundational Pastors, it is clear that either the Ohio Governor has no understanding of that which he swore to and on or that his church Pastor and leadership over the entirety of his life failed to inculcate the truth of Biblical governance into him.

With that, this program is dedicated to identifying for Gov. DeWine why he falls into the categories that Rev. Webb describes as despotic.

Follow The Money

I am going to make this simple. The data as clearly shown by Dr. Frank and Team proves that Gov. DeWine is misleading at best and fully manipulative with fear at worse.

With that, I had to look beyond the data to all the CARES money coming in and how it is being distributed. Let me be clear: There is a really bad flu from China. Yet, the true data does not support the fear and destruction of lives, businesses and Liberty that has been and is being exercised in Ohio.

Now, in the references you will find the links that I’m mentioning in the program. Follow the money for yourself. I will do a short video of moving through the links next week.

What to Do?

  • Learn the truth! First the Biblical Foundational Reformation Truth of the Government of Christ and then how that was intended to be justly implemented in our Constitutional Republic.
  • Find an organization that is working hard to re-establish the Republic that Ohio should be. Several are suggested in the References.
  • Get active and contact your State Legislators to get SB22 passed and Veto safe. This is a starting point on curbing the despotism of bureaucrats and the Governor.
  • Learn your state Constitution. Your Rights depend on it.
  • Talk to your Pastors and church leaders to learn from the Foundational Sermons and The Doctrine of The Lesser Magistrates. I will be doing more on this very soon.

How You Can Support The Cause.

Just want to make it clear, Samuel Adams Returns is an entity under NCDCS, Inc. This is NOT a non-profit organization. We ask that if you want to contribute to support this programing you have two ways of doing it.

First, if you live in Ohio or know family or friends in Ohio, you and they can buy products at Pepper-Licious. Our pepper products including Boutique Pepper Jams are a culinary delight.

Second, you contact us on how to send a check directly and receive one of our books or videos as a value proposition to your gifting toward this effort.

We appreciate you consideration in supporting what Samuel Adams Returns is about.

Thank you in advance.

And because you keep asking!


1. Governor DeWine Inauguration – Including picture, list of Bibles/New Testaments and first Executive Orders.

2. Ohio State Receives $14.5 Million In Additional Cares Act Money

3. Ohio Auditor Office – COVID-19 Resources for Local Government

4. Federal Pandemic Oversight – Track the Money


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