Attacking the Mask Mandates…Free Ohio Now!

Written by Tom Zawistowski
February 23, 2021

There’s a rising tide across Ohio that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and it is time we put COVID-19 behind us by reasserting control over our lives! You know this is true because you hear it from friends, family and strangers!

(Click Here to See Poll Results that PROVE IT!)

[LFC Comments: The survey by Data Genomix reveals that Governor DeWine is in trouble for his re-election. Approximately 75% of the Ohio Republican voters have no confidence in Governor DeWine handling of the pandemic, Ohio’s economy, or his ability to lead any economic recovery.]

You are invited to join the next phase in FIGHTING THE NEW NORMAL the weekend of February 26, 2021 and beyond, when customers and business owners all across the Great State of Ohio WILL HONOR EACH OTHER’S CHOICES regarding face masks.

We need to work together to make Ohio a face mask ‘personal choice’ zone!

 OVERWHELM THE SYSTEM: The coalition’s GOAL is to overwhelm the various authorities enforcing the unlawful government face mask edict by working with as many small business owners as possible to universally accept the mask exemptions and to presume if a customer is without a face mask it is because an exemption applies.

The plan is for each of us, as sovereign citizens, to TAKE ACTION by engaging with small business owners and educate them:   The face mask mandate is NOT A LAW, and is, therefore, an unlawful government mandate.

Even though unlawful, the face mask mandate DOES HAVE EXEMPTIONS which need to be honored by all businesses There are PROVEN STRATEGIES for businesses to effectively engage with government authorities, while honoring mask exemptions for both customers and employees without getting cited.  

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