Lake County Election Board Unwilling to be Transparent With Voters!

LFC Comments by Brian Massie:
Upholding honesty, transparency and integrity in government is our primary mission. When we believe that elected officials and bureaucrats are stonewalling us and are less than forthcoming with answers to our questions, we will then let the citizens decide if they are being served appropriately.


We sent the following email to the Lake County Election Board’s general email address:

To Lake County Election Board Officials:

Before we go public with what we have been told, we wanted to give you an opportunity to respond to our questions.

It has been brought to our attention that the Lake County Election Board in a Zoom meeting has publicly stated that they have seen no evidence of election fraud during the November 3, 2020 election.

Is that a true statement?

In addition, you have decided to move forward with the purchase of voting machines.  Please let us know the amount of taxpayers’ dollars that will be spent, who will receive the payments, and when will they be used?

What proof do you have that these new machines will provide free and fair elections to Lake County voters?

Thank you,
Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens
a 501 (c) (4) Non-Profit


We were trying to determine if the Election Board was referring to the general national elections or the Lake County elections. In addition, we wanted to know how much has been spent, or will be spent on the the new voting machines; and if the Board was serious about buying Dominion voting machines as was mentioned in the meeting that I attended in January.

Here is the response from Michael DeLeone, Assistant Prosecutor, Lake County and attorney for the Elections Board

Mr. Massie:

I am in receipt of your email to the Lake County Board of Elections which will be treated as a public records request. There are no records in response to your request.

Michael L. DeLeone
Assistant Prosecutor, Lake County
105 Main Street
Painesville, Ohio  44077
(440) 350-2683


To the voters of Lake County:
We are going to let you decide if this is the type of public service we should expect or deserve from the Lake County Election’s Board and the Lake County Prosecutor’s office.

They seem to be saying, we don’t have to respond to the peasant class. They do not expect, or want to be held accountable by the citizens for their actions.

Note to Lake County officials:
A new day is dawning in Lake County and Ohio. Do not expect business as usual in the County or the State. People are waking up, and they are tired of being deceived by both political parties.



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