Is it fair to endorse in non-incumbent primaries?

LFC Comments: A Cuyahoga County lobbyist and staunch Republican ponders the wisdom of Republicans endorsing candidates in primaries when there is no incumbent on the ballot.


Is it fair to endorse in non-incumbent primaries?

Written by: Cuyahoga Lobbyist
Date: 2/22/21

Is it fair to endorse in non-incumbent Primaries?  Businessman Mike Gibbons candidate for Republican Senator says no.  This got me thinking, should the State Central Committee endorse in Republican Primaries at all? 

At stake is a huge advantage for the chosen Republican candidate.  The entire Big Red Machine goes into action, money pours in from all over, grassroots connections open up, powerful, professional advertising is released, slate cards are mailed out.  The endorsement has the effect of burying your Republican opponent, it is clearly an unfair advantage.

Mike Gibbons is still mulling over whether he should enter the Senate ring. Rob Portman’s seat is up for grabs in 2022, but Jane Timken is sure to get the Party’s endorsement, and it would be an almost  insurmountable mountain for Gibbons to overcome.

Mike’s only real chance is for the Republican Party not to endorse in the primary.  Let the two candidates battle it out, and may the best man (or woman) win.  This might sound logical and fair but heck who ever said life was fair?  Truth is, Jane Timken will be endorsed by the same committee that unanimously re-elected her to Chairmanship in January.  Jane was incredibly popular as Chairman and do you think these same 66 people who re-elected her are not also going to endorse her?

Mike Gibbons doesn’t think this is fair, but if the shoe was on the other foot, if Gibbons had been a highly successful State party Chairman wouldn’t he take advantage of the guaranteed endorsement?  Of course, he would!  Sometimes fairness is all about which side of the fence you are on.


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