Do You Have a Plan When Things Go Sideways?

[LFC Comments: The average citizens will have to realize that “the Calvary” is not coming to save us from the darkness that is enveloping our country. We, the average citizens, ARE the Calvary. We must join with like-minded patriots to push back against the evil that has taken root in our country.]


What’s the Plan?

Written by: Lobbyist Karen
Date: February 27, 2021

Turn on any news channel, pick up any newspaper, logon to any website and you are bombarded with speculation, theories and fear porn about what the left is planning for our future. If you open your eyes and read left leaning media, or open your ears and listen to influential leftists, you will know there is no real need for
speculation. They tell us what their plan is. And we see them acting out that plan on a daily basis.

Yet we are sitting around speculating. Texas was hit with freezing temperatures and crippling snowfall last week. People died. People went hungry and thirsty and without medicine. The snow and ice have melted and power has been restored and there are millions of dollars in damages left behind. How many Texans do you think are taking steps to make sure their house is better insulated? How many will start storing food and water? How many will buy a generator or make some other arrangement for backup power and heat? It should be all of them. But it won’t be.

In March of 2020, the world stopped. Restaurants were closed. Grocery store shelves were bare. For some reason, seeds were deemed unnecessary and were off limits for purchase so you couldn’t even begin to grow your own food if you wanted to.

This happened in the blink of an eye. It’s one full year later, do you have food set aside? Do you have seeds and plans for a garden? Have you learned how to store food long term? Or, did you make do with what you could get and then go back to sleep when the stores restocked their shelves?

Hospitals stopped seeing patients. Necessary healthcare was deemed elective if it wasn’t acutely life threatening or related to COVID. People’s health was negatively affected for lack of access to doctors and treatment. People were terrorized into their homes and wouldn’t even venture out to fill prescriptions.

Businesses closed and people lost their jobs. Schools and daycares closed so even people who still had jobs couldn’t go to work if they had kids. Unemployment was so overloaded it took some people weeks, even months to see their first payment. Food banks ran out of food, and we weren’t allowed to be around each other so we were left to struggle alone.

Now we are being attacked for our political beliefs. We are being attacked for our religious beliefs. We are being attacked for our beliefs in law and order and for our dissenting voices regarding what is socially acceptable.

Credit card companies are denying businesses and individuals the ability to use their services. Social media companies are silencing dissenting voices. Brick and mortar stores will not do business with you unless you wear a mask that has no definitive scientific research proving its efficacy. If you ask questions or point out the hypocrisy, lies and unconstitutionality of it all you are deemed a racist, a science denier, a
phobic of whatever sort they can think of. And your children are being turned against you by the schools you pay for.

The sin of all sins? Voting for Trump. There is now a website where your brown-shirt neighbors and relatives can report you for being a Trump supporter. They have publicly floated the idea of rounding us up and even using drones to spy on us!

They are attacking the Constitution every minute of every day and trying to strip us of our right to even exist. If you open your eyes you will see they are succeeding.
So now I ask you, “what’s the plan?” What’s the plan for when they come knocking on your door or your neighbor’s door to take your guns or jab a needle in your arm or drag you off to a COVID center?

What’s the plan when radical left foot soldiers show up at your business or your home with rocks, and Molotov Cocktails?

What’s the plan if we see a power outage like the one in Texas? What’s the plan for when grocery shelves are bare or the groceries that sit on them are unaffordable?

What’s the plan when we can no longer do business with anyone anywhere because our name is on a list? What’s the plan?

Let’s get together and make a plan.

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