Mentor Citizens…why do you accept this behavior from City Council?

LFC Comments: To the citizens of Mentor: Why, why, why do you put up with this nonsense from the Mentor elites? Never put your elected officials on a pedestal, and never allow them to think that they are above the people. If they cannot handle impromptu questions directly from the citizens, then they better cover up because their insecurity is showing.

They work for you, and any attempt to silence or suppress the voice of the public must not be tolerated. Speak up, let your voices be heard! Demand that the Mentor City Council open up the public comment section without making you jump through hoops.


Totalitarian Tactics of Mentor Council

Written by: A Lake County Lobbyist
March 1, 2021

You peaked my curiosity [about the City of Mentor] so I looked at their council meeting minutes. I noticed it was weird that no members of the public were speaking at the meetings. Then I looked around more and found why!

I’ve attached the form that these kings and queens make the little people fill out just to speak to them! Unbelievable! Talk about censorship. What are they afraid of? I cannot imagine cutting off the public like this.

The only other place I’ve seen something like this is the Willoughby-Eastlake School Board, which says something (and certainly isn’t something any local government body should emulate!) 



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