What happens when you are considered “non-essential”?

“It’s A Matter Of Life…”

Written by: “Anonymous One”
Date: March 3, 2021

The uncontested fact that the [Democrat] Party, which now rules two of the three branches of our government and  favors unfettered abortion, poses a societal threat deeper than the abortion issue.

We need to ask ourselves , “Will a society which has assumed the right to kill infants in the womb find any impediment to killing other human beings who are judged unwanted, deemed imperfect physically or mentally or considered a social nuisance?

The Roe v. Wade case obscured the boundary to confer personhood on a human being and  we now find ourselves on a precarious, slippery slope that leads us inevitably to the disposal of any “inconvenient” people.

As our individual demand for affluence continues unabated and the economic crunch grows larger, the amount of compassion that the legislature, the courts and our culture will have for the old and infirm does not seem likely to be significant considering the precedent of the non-protection given to the unborn.



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