Anti-Americanism Promoted By State of Ohio Board of Education

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Ohio citizens are starting to wake-up and push back against the Marxist agenda promoted in Ohio’s public schools. We are publishing an open letter by a former teacher to the Ohio Board of Education.

What is Resolution 20?


Do you believe that we all have a doppelgänger?
Excerpts from the article:

According to a Tuesday Op-Ed in The New York Times, many French “politicians and prominent intellectuals” believe that America’s new woke culture has gone too far and now poses an existential threat to the French republic and identity.

Specifically, they are concerned about the dangerous social theories on “race, gender and post-colonialism”, which they view as forms of separatism.

In an October speech, French President Emmanuel Macron said the threat to French culture lies in “[c]ertain social science theories entirely imported from the United States.”


To All Concerned Citizens for Public Education~

I read this webinar link from Lisa Woods and wrote a letter of protest to Sup. of Public Educ.Paolo DeMaria and the board participants. These self-righteous progressive intellectuals think they know better than parents what the children of Ohio need.

DeMaria continues to place all responsibility for curriculum on “local control” of boards, administration and the judgement of social studies teachers whether or not to use anti-racism curriculum. The ODE and State Board of Education put high priority on passing the “Racial Equity” Resolution in July after the George Floyd riots. They are disingenuous and mendacious claiming to not be pushing anti-racism curriculum. The Pandora’s box of SJW instruction was opened in Ohio.

The ODE had an embarrassing now since removed website on line for social studies teachers called the “Anti-Racist Allyship Starter Pack” which was racist. No one at the ODE nor DeMaria knows how this glaring oversight appeared in “state recommended social studies resources,”  which in their words is all that they do.

They fail to see that without a moral/religious  construct surrounding the discussion of racial issues, there cannot be an honest dialogue in a secular school without someone being “forced” to accept beliefs that are unacceptable, contentious and damaging.

Teaching anti-racism is futile and destructive. The black culture has no claim on its diversity any more than people from any other ethnic background. All of our ancestors had slavery in their past. People of color are part of American history, no more, no less than others who were enslaved, suffered, struggled and died to make us who we are. The issue in America is not “systemic racism” or “white privilege.” The problem is the false “continuing oppression narrative” and SYSTEMIC IMMORALITY.  Neither will be corrected by imposed politicized social engineering in education. We can learn to forgive each other, teach truth and put CRT in its rightful place in the dustbin.

I recommend reading the description in the link. Please write to the State Board members and Superintendent. Make them hear you.

Jan Just Thinking

The description of the webinar:

“An in-depth exploration of the Resolution to Condemn Racism and Advance Equity and Opportunity for Black Students, Indigenous Students and Students of Color adopted by the Ohio State Board of Education in July 2020. Board President Laura Kohler and Board Members Stephanie Dodd, Linda Haycock and Meryl Johnson, will explain why the resolution was needed and how it will be implemented across more than 600 public school districts in Ohio.”



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