China…Their Plan to Defeat the U.S.

CCP Adviser Outlined Detailed Plan to Defeat US, Including Manipulating Elections

BY NICOLE HAO AND CATHY HE March 26, 2021 Updated: March 27, 2021

Excerpts from the article:

A leading Chinese professor—who is also an adviser to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—laid out a comprehensive plan for the communist regime to overthrow the United States as the world’s superpower.

The professor’s multi-pronged strategy involves a range of malign actions to subvert the United States while strengthening the Chinese regime. They include: interfering in U.S. elections, controlling the American market, cultivating global enemies to challenge the United States, stealing American technology, expanding Chinese territory, and influencing international organizations.

“We want to be the world leader,” Jin said, explaining Chinese Leader Xi Jinping’s desire for a “national rejuvenation” of the country.

Weakening the United States

The strategy to topple the United States was composed of two broad components: weakening America through both internal and foreign sources; and strengthening the Chinese regime’s economic, military, and diplomatic power.

Jin said the CCP was thinking of many ways to weaken the United States, which he described as a “very difficult” task. The professor offered four practical tactics.

1. Manipulating Elections
2. Controlling the US Market
3. Fostering Enemies of the US
4. Causing International Problems for the US

[LFC Comments: Think about this as you continue to buy products made in China. Do you think Joe Biden is up to the task of standing up to the Chinese?




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