Hey Cleveland, Why Do You Hate Your Children?

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Hey, Cleveland! Why do you hate your children?

Written by: Bruce Deitrick Price
March 30, 2021

Part One

Cleveland, according to a major study , is an educational wasteland. Two-thirds of the residents are functionally illiterate. This is off-the-charts shocking. Why is so much failure permitted?

The worst literacy stats I had previously seen came from Detroit. Reports in the media claimed that almost 50% of the adults in Detroit are functionally illiterate. (This phrase means that people function but at a low level. They comprehend text but only with great difficulty.) Bottom line, if kids can’t read fluently, they can’t do much else in the classroom. Large percentages will not finish high school. They are doomed before they start. 

Clearly the public schools in both cities do not understand how to teach children to read.

Note that Cleveland has a sophisticated tutoring service for adult illiterates. Called Reading Seeds  this operation lists dozens of leading citizens on the masthead. They must know what they’re doing. One obvious question is, why don’t superintendents and administrators speak to the tutoring service, and find out how to teach reading? 

Another relevant organization is the Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland  which conducts literacy surveys and compiles socioeconomic data on how well children of different ages and backgrounds are doing. The Literacy Cooperative generates depressing stats such as: “Some Cleveland neighborhoods have an illiteracy rate as high as 95%.” But why hasn’t this organization figured out how to fix the problem?

Kirsten Hill, [http://kirstenhill.com/] a member of the Ohio School Board and very active in grassroots politics, expresses the foreboding that many Clevelanders feel: “Is it too late??…Can we still save our schools? How would we do that? 

Cleveland’s situation has been ominous for years. What is wrong with the city’s education experts? Most people, getting bad results year after year, would search desperately for better strategies. In the business world, these unsuccessful people would be fired.

For a start, try the obvious. Emphasize the fundamentals which every child needs to master: reading, writing, and arithmetic. Most citizens would probably be dumbfounded to hear that many kids in middle school don’t know much about these basics. Did someone vote for this outcome?

So the game, at some elemental level, seems to be rigged. At the age of 12 most children have been in school for half of their lives, and have hardly learned anything. How do you explain this? Finally, there seem to be only two reasonable theories. Our official experts are perennially incompetent. Or they actually prefer failure; they let it happen or make it happen.

Don’t be shocked. The famous Nation at Risk report of 1983 slyly concluded: “If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war.” What unfriendly foreign power could dare to commit such an act of war? Most people think of the Russians, a.k.a., the Communist International or the Comintern. We have been in a Cold War with Russia for 85 years. There have been many casualties, e.g., children in our public schools. It’s important to realize that the Communists, operating through many different organizations and channels, had developed techniques for demoralizing and destroying competitive societies around the globe. America, of course, was always glavnyy vrag, the “main enemy.”

The Russians have a fondness for clever tricks. If they can make you give up your country without a fight, their hearts are joyful. Yuri Bezmenov  a member of the KGB who defected in 1970, has given several interviews where he illuminates how the Russians approach their missions. For every situation, they have a textbook procedure. They are relentless, that’s the main thing Americans need to know. Ideally, everyone in Cleveland would watch 14 minutes of a Bezmenov video. You’ll see that these people are practical, cold-blooded, cynical, ruthless, whichever word you prefer. Bezmenov states, for example, that he was instructed not to waste time on idealistic leftists. When these people realize the true nature of Soviet communism, they would usually become disillusioned, bitter, and adversarial. The KBG had little use for them. The KGB itself was never idealistic; it wanted world conquest at any cost.

I think the Russians regarded Cleveland, Detroit, and most other major American cities as another laboratory where they could refine their tactics. Put simply, it’s a strategy of slow infiltration and destruction. They work within the university, ed school, foundations, media organizations, and unions. One by one they discredited and discarded additional methods that worked quite well.(Our schools in 1900 were better than colleges now in terms of how much information the students learn.)

Perhaps surprisingly, the patterns of destruction across all grades and subjects can be briefly summarized. Whenever possible, traditional goals, academic content, and generally accepted standards were quietly dropped. Whatever public schools had always done was viewed as obsolete and happily so. This was half the strategy for dumbing down the schools. The other half was to invent goofy new methods, and present them to the community as superior replacements for all the old stuff now abandoned. For example, in the matter of arithmetic, the traditional algorithms well-known to both parents and students were dismissed as time-consuming and not worth the effort. Meanwhile, the professors promoted New Math, Reform Math, or Common Core Math, all demonstrably inferior.

Reading remains the most important part of the curriculum.

Part Two will explain how literacy was slowly undermined.


KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning – A MUST WATCH VIDEO

Ideological Subversion or psychological warfare: How to take down a country without firing a shot. “It’s scarily relevant because all of it’s coming true in front of us.”…Bruce Deitrick Price

There are four steps:

  1. Demoralization: 15 – 20 years – introduce Marxist / Leninist ideology. [irreversible]
  2. Destabilization: 2 – 5 years
  3. Crisis: up to 6 weeks
  4. Normalization: last indefinitely

Part two promises to be just as revealing…here is a preamble


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