Covid-19 and Ivermectin…a true Lake County story

LFC Comments: Thanks to our Lake County lobbyist for this article. She documents what happened to her husband in his battle with the Covid-19 virus, and her battle with the health and legal system


There is Treatment for Covid

Written by a Lake County resident

My husband and I have barely left the house in over a year. We do not entertain at home very often and when we have, it has been with only a few family members. We go to work where neither of us have much person-to-person interaction and wear masks as per our employers’ protocol. I haven’t stepped foot into a store in months. We have not conducted ourselves in this way because we live in fear or because we believe these measures can save you from a virus. We conduct ourselves in this way because we do not care to subject ourselves to the people who seem to have forgotten how to use their critical thinking skills and who have found they rabidly love the feeling of authority they were given when asked to act like Hitler’s brownshirts to enforce mask rules that defy decades of research and deny us all of our Constitutional, Human, and Medical rights.

To avoid the eyerolling regarding my statement on mask mandate efficacy, here is the chart from the recent CDC study on the subject.

Here it is in a pie chart for a better visual: At best, they are less than 2% effective at slowing the virus spread.

You cannot outrun a virus. You can take measures to build up your immune system and keep your hands and environment clean and that is about the extent of your control. We’ve done both from the beginning. And yet, we both still got sick. I have a history of thyroid cancer which resulted in complete removal of my thyroid, I’m a smoker, and I don’t exercise. My husband has no history of major illness, has never smoked, and lifts weights religiously. He did discover he is diabetic upon admission. Which, obviously, didn’t help his situation and he landed in the Emergency Room at TriPoint Hospital on a Sunday afternoon.

The first few days of illness were pretty typical of any other cold or flu. However, by about the 4th day things started to turn for my husband. His chief complaint was a headache with very little respiratory involvement. He began to spend more time in bed and I became increasingly concerned. I had heard about a group of doctors who have been successfully treating COVID patients with an anti-parasitic called Ivermectin. When this information first made its way to the mainstream, it was suppressed and ridiculed in the same fashion as Hydroxychloroquine. Instead of considering the experiences of medical professionals and looking at the possibilities, the media, the CDC, FDA and politicians, began a character assassination war on them and spun any information being released. Fortunately, the information on Ivermectin has been beautifully coordinated, preserved, and disseminated by a global group of doctors called the FLCCC, Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance.

I reached out to a doctor by the name of Dr. Jim Meehan in Tulsa, Oklahoma who is affiliated with the FLCCC and treats COVID patients via telehealth. I went to his website and filled out new patient information for my husband and myself. Unfortunately, he was out of town and unable to get back to me before my husband spiraled to a blood oxygen level of 60 and had to be rushed to the ER. Dr. Jim Meehan’s wife, Cathy, who runs his office, responded 2 hours after my husband was admitted. It was just terrible timing all around. Because he had already been admitted to the hospital, they would be unable to intervene. And, thus, would begin my battle.

While my husband was waging a war to breathe and keep himself off a vent. A war for his very life. I would be waging a war from home to get his doctors to begin treatment with Ivermectin as soon as possible. He was admitted on Sunday evening so I knew there was no point pressing the issue too hard until the morning. He would only be seen by the on-call doctor and they would be busy figuring out exactly where he was in the disease process and getting his body oxygenated. Cathy Meehan emailed me a ton of information that was put together specifically for doctors and told me I needed to get the information to his doctors as soon as possible and begin demanding the treatment right away as the fight was sure to be a long one. She actually called me on the phone on a Sunday evening to explain everything I needed to do and make sure I knew how difficult this was going to be and to encourage me to be strong and not give up. I did as she instructed and made sure the information was in his chart and our request for treatment was documented.

5 a.m. Monday morning I was wide awake and pacing the floor waiting for that minute hand to tell me it was 7 and what seemed like a reasonable hour to start making phone calls. I collected all the information from the nurses and doctors, made notes on my husband’s condition, and confirmed they had received the information about the Ivermectin. There are many doctors involved in treating ICU patients let alone for COVID, but each one I spoke with seemed open to the idea of beginning the treatment and things seemed hopeful. Ultimately, the decision to treat with this medicine would be up to the Infectious Disease doctor. I requested for him to call me and continued my pacing while I waited.

I used my time pacing to reach out to every doctor I could find who was treating with Ivermectin. They were all very responsive and willing to help. My inbox was filling up with information from all over the country with doctors sending me studies, reports, news articles and contact information for people to reach out to for help. I read it all. I called them all. I spent 10 hours on the phone. 40 minutes of those 10 hours was spent talking to the Infectious Disease doctor who had been assigned to my husband’s case. He was not as helpful as the others.

We went round and round about data, hospital boards, protocols, and scientific panels. I argued with his blatant hypocrisy, arrogance and condescension. There finally came a point in the conversation that it was obvious I was getting nowhere with this man. He had closed his mind to seeing anything beyond his hospital’s protocols. THEY were the experts. It is amazing to me how many “experts” there are regarding a disease we’ve never seen before. Especially when so many of them refuse to listen to their fellow medical professionals who have the courage to think outside the box. He wouldn’t even look at the information I had to offer, and there was a lot.    

I ended the conversation informing him I would be seeking legal counsel. It was late in the day now and my time had run out. I would have to continue my battle the next day.

Up again at 5 on Tuesday, terrified, angry, pacing and planning my attack. When the clock finally made its way to a decent hour, I left a message for the hospital’s patient advocacy group and began my search for an attorney. Finding an attorney for this type of situation was proving harder than finding a doctor who was open minded enough to look at the data I could provide on Ivermectin. I reached out to the Lake County Bar Association who failed to point me in the right direction. I reached out to Constitutional lawyers who said they were unable to help. I sat on hold with Legal Aid for what seemed like an eternity. While on hold, I stumbled across an article about an attorney in Rochester, NY who had successfully fought for families who wanted their loved ones dying of COVID to be treated with Ivermectin.


State Supreme Court Justice Frank Caruso on Friday ordered a Rochester hospital to continue Ivermectin treatments to Glenna Dickinson, 65, of Albion.

The Orleans County woman had been in Rochester General Hospital since Jan. 12 with Covid-19, had been put on a ventilator Jan. 17 and had shown “no improvement” until Jan. 20, when her family convinced an intensive care unit doctor to treat her with Ivermectin, said Dickinson’s attorneys Ralph C. Lorigo and Jon F. Minear. 

“Within 12 hours, she had made a strong improvement, but the hospital was reluctant to continue giving her Ivermectin,” Lorigo said late Friday. “We got an order from Judge Caruso, and he may have saved this woman’s life.”


Afraid of losing my place in the on-hold line with Legal Aid, I texted Mr. Lorigo’s contact information to my sister and asked her to call and explain the situation and see if he could help. My fruitless call with Legal Aid ended and my sister called to tell me that Mr. Lorigo wanted my husband’s medical information emailed to him and that I needed a local attorney to file the initial paperwork in my county. He would take over once that was done and he would get me my court order within 24 hours. I had already been trying and failing to find a local attorney so I reached out to the wonderful man who runs the LFC news outlet, Brian Massie. He seems to know everybody and I was hoping he knew some attorneys.

Brian got back to me in short order. He had hit a brick wall finding an attorney as well but he reached out to  Mr. Ron Graham, the Health Commissioner of Lake County. I was completely blown away when Brian told me that Mr. Graham was willing to try to help! He requested an email explaining the situation and said he would see what he could do. Of course, there were no promises made, only the promise to try. And that was all I was asking for, I just wanted someone to try. I am still in awe.

In the interim, I had put in a request for a second opinion from another Infectious Disease doctor. The new doctor had visited with my husband and added a few more treatments. Funny how the first guy was doing “everything he could” but a new doctor was able to walk in and immediately add about 7 more items to his course of treatment. One of the things she added was all of the vitamins required in the Ivermectin MATH+ Protocol. Her group had looked into the treatment about a year ago and decided to keep the vitamin portion of the protocol but forego the Ivermectin. When I spoke with her, she gave me the same “hospital protocol, not approved by the FDA for the treatment of COVID” spiel as the first guy. I asked if she would at least just look at the information I had. She said she would and gave me her email address. I sent all of my information over fully expecting her to not even bother looking at it. So, I sat down and began my email to Mr. Graham.

I took my time with the email to Mr. Graham. I wanted to make sure he had all the information and that it was coherent. I included all of the information I had on Ivermectin as well so he could look it over himself and see that I wasn’t just some whack job grasping at straws. There is actual science behind this. I put the finishing touches on my email and hit send. The very second my finger hit that button; my phone rang. It was the hospital.

It was the new Infectious Disease doctor attending to my husband at TriPoint. She told me she had reviewed the information I sent her. She had spoken with the pharmacist who informed her that Merck, the manufacturer of Ivermectin, states that it has not been approved for treating COVID. She checked with the FDA and they do not recommend Ivermectin for treating COVID. I did not push back. I was writing my email to Mr. Lorigo in my head. And then she said, “the FDA doesn’t approve Ivermectin to treat COVID, but it doesn’t say I can’t either, so I’m going to begin treatment today.” I think I deafened her. I was thanking her, and thanking Jesus, and thanking her some more! I thanked her for agreeing. I thanked her for being brave. I thanked her for having an open mind and for even bothering to LOOK at the information I was sharing. I couldn’t believe it! I still can’t.

Obviously, I had to let Mr. Graham know immediately, so my first call was to Brian to let him know the good news and to ask him to thank Mr. Graham for me for being willing to try and help. I’m still amazed and I will do whatever I can to get him re-elected, or re-appointed, when that time comes. I also had to let Mr. Lorigo know that I wouldn’t be needing his services either and he followed up with providing me even more information about Ivermectin and various resources. I’m telling you; I have never seen such an outpouring of bravery and kindness as I have during this experience. I have met so many true warriors even if only over the phone and via email. I am blown away, humbled, and grateful beyond words.

My husband got his first dose of Ivermectin Tuesday afternoon. It takes approximately 12-48 hours for it to start doing its thing. He was on hi flow oxygen therapy at the highest level on Thursday and the doctors were discussing putting him on a vent. We refused. On Friday morning they pulled back on the amount of oxygen he required for assistance. Saturday, they lowered his oxygen an additional 20% and he was allowed to stand up. By Monday he was off the high flow and on supplemental oxygen only. He was released from the hospital and came home on Good Friday. Halleluiah! There were 5 other Covid patients being treated while he was there, he was the only one leaving at this point. I hope their story ended as well as ours.   

Now, to be fair and completely transparent, he also was being treated with Remdesivir and steroids, and he received convalescent plasma. But I’ve looked at the studies and I’ve seen the stats, and I believe that the Ivermectin saved his life. The beauty of Ivermectin is that they can still do all of their protocols and administer their preferred drugs and the Ivermectin will not interfere with any of that. There are almost no side effects from the Ivermectin either. This is why I do not understand the reluctance to try it. Combined with the mounting evidence that it actually works, it seems foolish to rail against it so tenaciously.

I am also being treated with Ivermectin and a meal’s worth of vitamins twice a day. I never really had any severe symptoms but the symptoms I did have were gone in just a handful of days. One of the doctors on the list that Cathy Meehan sent me was a doctor in Beavercreek, OH named Dr. Patrick Jonas. I had a video telehealth appointment with him and he wrote me my prescription after reviewing the I-MASK+ Protocol with me and told me how to proceed. He has continually sent information to help me in my battle for my husband and he has called me every evening to see how I am and how my husband is doing. He is an absolutely wonderful man and I am so blessed and truly grateful to have found him.

I know this is long, but I wanted to write my story down so that I could honor those who have been brave. I have written all of this down in hopes that it will inspire you to look into Ivermectin. Look into the FLCCC. We don’t have to give away our rights or live in fear. We need to be open minded and brave. We need to walk in faith and know who we are and what we are capable of. If you think you may have COVID, or have tested positive, get treatment early. It can keep you out of the hospital and off of life support. And, no matter what situation you find yourself in, never stop fighting! Be brave. May God bless us all!


LFC Add: Here is an excellent video featuring Dr. RYAN COLE. He talks about Covid-19, vaccines, and the importance of Vitamin D and Ivermectin. He is another TRUTH warrior, fighting the lies, deceptions and betrayals!




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