The Battle of the Masks – Krenisky versus Miley…who is correct?

Here is a 2 minute video that highlights two different opinions by Riverside School Board members Lori Krenisky and Jack Miley. This video was cut out from the school board meeting video previously shown on this website.

Lori believes that the ability to see a child’s facial expression is an important tool for learning. Jack does not think that seeing a child’s facial expression is important at all. In Jack’s opinion, as long as you can see the child’s eyes, and they can talk through the mask, all is well at Riverside.

This is a very important debate for the upcoming school year. The debate regarding the remaining 20+ days of the current year had been decided prior to the meeting to discuss the wearing of the masks.

We have been told that Jack Miley will be on the ballot in November for Riverside’s School Board.

We would hope that the parents of the Riverside School District will let their voices by heard regarding the mask mandate.


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