Pasadena Patriots Meetup

Dear Patriot Warriors,

Tuesday, May 11th (two events)Your voice is needed! 

Say NO to Digital Passports at the Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting. If you are not able to physically attend, there are instructions for you to remotely communicate.

Watch this message from Leigh Dundas, who has been a powerful voice against the trafficking of children, and continues the fight for human rights.


ALSO: At the Los Alamitos School Board the fight is against Critical Race Theory. CRT is an academic discipline built on the intellectual framework of identity-based Marxism. It has become the default ideology in our public schools. It comes in the form of “social justice,” “equity.” “diversity and inclusion,” and “culturally responsive teaching,” Los Alamitos parents ask that we join them as they raise their voices in opposition of this twisted indoctrination. 


Wednesday, May 12th  David Hernandez, Chairman for the Los Angeles Hispanic Republican Club (click on the link to hear his Saturday evening radio show) will be our guest speaker.

Head Red.jpeg
David Hernandez

David Hernandez was born in Los Angeles in the Community of Lincoln Heights. His Birth Certificate lists his Father’s occupation as a Banana Loader as he unloaded freight cars of produce. With hard work, education and opportunity his father retired as Vice President of a Nationwide Commercial Trucking Insurance Company.

After graduating High School, David enlisted in the United States Navy where he served from 1967-1971. David is a Vietnam Veteran.


Saturday, May 15th 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Workshop on How to Escape the Matrix – Repatriate (2 page document attached) John Kacarab, CFP US Army, Retired will lead this very important workshop. We have unwittingly, supposedly voluntarily, accepted Federal or U.S. Government jurisdiction over our lives by declaring that we were U.S. citizens. Space for this workshop is limited. You must RSVP. If you have a guests that you would like to attend, please give them my contact information. From Sovereign to Serf by Roger Sayles.


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