Riverside Board of Education and the Mask Mandate

Will the Riverside School Board and Administration Listen to the Parents?

Written by: Gabe Cicconetti – Riverside Graduate, parent of two students in the Riverside District, and Painesville Township Trustee

Edited by: Brian Massie, LFC President

Recently, the Riverside Board of Education held a meeting to discuss Covid protocols within the school system. The main topic discussed was the children being forced to wear masks indoors. Since the beginning of Covid, all the talking heads; Ohio Department of Health, Governor DeWine and other public health officials have constantly talked about “following the science”.  However, it seems that despite study after study showing the negative impact of mask wearing on children and the minimal risk of children spreading the virus to adults, “following the science”  is actually not happening.

Please review the great information in this article:  https://thehill.com/opinion/education/514742-masks-for-all-children-arent-needed-or-ethical 

Months ago, DeWine said children should be in masks until teachers could be vaccinated. Well, that’s happened, and anyone who wants to get vaccinated can do so. Heck, they can’t give away the supply they’ve bought and now have “taken their show on the road” to try and get people vaccinated. And, even DeWine’s own overreaching mask mandate exempts children under 10, certainly there’s a reason for that.  Yet, here we are about to close out the school year with our children still in forced masks, with a discussion about possibly forcing them to wear them again in the fall!
This policy has got to stop!  In my many conversations with dozens of parents throughout the district, the common consensus is that mask wearing should be a choice, not forced. The Riverside Local School District (RLSD) Board of Education is elected to represent the parents and children in the district, not ODH, not the Lake County General Health District, not Ohio Department of Education, and certainly not Governor DeWine.

Many of the parents and students in the district no longer want our children to be forced to wear facial masks in school. The Riverside Local School Board should do what is right and stop the forced mask mandate in all of our schools.

It’s important to note that just this past week the Blanchester School system in Clinton County, Ohio had the courage to do what’s right and voted 4-1 to end forced masks, effective June 1st.

Hopefully, the RLSD Board of Education will do what’s right, “follow the science” and give our children their freedom back.  There’s some on the board that do favor choice, while one member claims that masks have had no negative impact on our children, or their learning experience.

So, I’ve started a petition to allow voters and parents in the district to voice their support for making masks a choice. This petition isn’t by any means intended to force their hand or to create animosity, rather to show that hundreds of parents in the district want masks to be an option, not forced, and would support a decision to make them optional.  If you live in the district and have children, or grandchildren in the district, and support making masks optional please consider signing the petition so that we can show the board the support is there.
Like Rush Limbaugh said early on in this Covid saga – this will only end when the people say it’s over because the government will never let it end. 

Thank you,
Gabe Cicconetti
Riverside parent


Please consider signing this petition (link below) in support of removing the masks for children in the classroom. This will be passed on to the board of education. 

❗️Please only sign if you live in or have a child or grandchild in the district ❗️

Remove forced masks for school children in the Riverside School District



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