Willoughby Eastlake School Board Under Lots of Pressure from Parents

Written by: Brian Massie, LFC Director

The Willoughby South Principal, Robin Hopkins, has caused quite a stir in the Willoughby Eastlake School District. We have included our previous article with the video showing Ms. Hopkins explaining the need for “equity” in the school district. It is not “equality of opportunity”, or even “equality of outcome” that the government schools are now promoting, it is “equality of support” for each child. How that is achieved without removing the influence of the parents is a bit unclear.

Shall our government schools now become community centers, where the children are fed, indoctrinated by Marxist ideology, and taught how to protest rather than truly educating them? W-E parents have made it very clear that they do not want the Marxist propaganda, Social Emotional Learning, or Comprehensive Sex Education taught to their children. If it continues, the parents will work to put the entire school district in State receivership.

In response to the reactions by the citizens in the school district, Mr. Steve Thompson, tried to appease the irate citizens by issuing the following letter to families in the district.

Here is an edited video of the contentious school board meeting:

LFC edited the original video to try to highlight the speakers. We did not include the students that spoke out against the termination of the AP Spanish classes. The entire Board of Education was called out for being deceivers and betrayers of the community. This is a school district that is in serious trouble!


We received the following email message from a Willoughby-Eastlake taxpayer:

Who are these board members squandering hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate the schools with CRT propaganda? 

The president of the board is Thomas Beal, husband to Willoughby Eastlake City Schools employee and Superintendent Steve Thompson’s mouthpiece, “Public Relations Coordinator” and “COVID Director” Catherine Beal.  Catherine Beal has also been paid thousands by levy campaign committees.
The vice president of the board is Brian Jones who claims to live in his parents’ home in Willoughby Hills……with his wife. This even though he owns a home in Kirtland where his wife is registered to vote. Brian Jones also tried to illegally serve on both the Willoughby Hills Planning and Zoning Board and unsuccessfully tried to get appointed to Willoughby Hills City Council. [LFC Comment: This issue was addressed in the Board Meeting video]

Then there’s Mike Merhar, a member of the Lake County Republic Party Central Committee. Why would a member of the Republican Party support a regime that gouges taxpayers, taxes seniors out of their homes, pays hundreds of thousands to spew socialist liberal propaganda? Worse yet, the schools continue to decline despite it all. 

None of these people can say no to Thompson.  None of them have children in the district. None of them seem to have a backbone or understand that they are there to represent the people of the district rather than themselves.

This November, three seats on the board are up for election and two levies are up for renewal.  It is time for intelligent, concerned citizens of the Willoughby Eastlake School District to run for school board. It is time to say NO TO ALL LEVIES until Thompson and this board of lackeys are gone. Enough is enough! 




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