What is next on the agenda?

LFC Opinion by an “Average Citizen”

May 30, 2021

It seems that the Covid-19 plandemic is running out of steam. The controlling globalists, and their hired hands, have realized that they have come to the end of the line with their experiment to see how far fear will allow Americans to give up their freedoms and liberties in order to be “safe and secure”. It appears about a year and a half is about all Americans, well those still possessing critical thinking skills, will accept government tyranny.

The question now at hand is: “What is next?” Make no mistake the globalists and their “fellow travelers” have another plot(s) in mind to keep the chaos, fear, and intimidation going strong. If you believe that you are going back to the way your life was before 2020, you are sadly mistaken.

We have been gazing into our crystal ball, and see some disturbing images.

Look for increased violence from the Anitfa and BLM groups, not only in the inner cities, but they will be migrating into the suburbs. Oh, by the way, they will be united with the 100+ Taliban fighters that we heard were on a flight from Romania to Mexico, and have crossed the porous U.S. southern border.

In order to pull off the Great Reset, and reorganize Western Civilization, the United States must be totally destroyed. We are in not only a cultural and an economic war, but a spiritual war as well.

Just an FYI….


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