What is a Bail-in…?

Written by: “A Lake County Lobbyist”
May 29, 2021

Our monies are not safe at a bank…..

Please give this video a look.   Ellen Brown explains why during the next financial crisis, banks will bail-in (confiscate) depositors accounts.

This is true for all depositors—governments, individuals, and businesses.   

A number of banks have sent depositors disclosure statements.   I will try to hunt some of these down.

The disclosure statements are written in legalese that goes over a lot of people’s heads.  But, once you hear Brown explain things, you realize that the disclosures are written as a CYA reminding depositors that they do not really own the deposits that they place with the bank. They are funds that the bank views as loans to the bank.  

I am thinking that this makes the case for Ohio to move their assets to their own public banks.

LFC Comments: We will stay on top of this issue, and try to educate ourselves on the topic. With the extremely uncertain world we are living in, we will not take anything for granted. The Great Reset is meant to have two classes of people, the rulers and the ruled.




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