Covid-19 Virus Lies, Deception and Betrayals

LFC Comments by T. Paine: We have written many times that in our opinion the Covid-19 virus was a bio-weapon of the Chinese Communist Party, and not caused by zoonosis. Making this statement got us removed from Facebook. In this article, Jim Simpson confirms our suspicions.


Written by; Jim Simpson
May 30, 2021

We have all been called “Conspiracy Theorists, and blocked on Facebook and Twitter for having the audacity to suggest the China virus came from the Wuhan virology lab. Actually, we knew it came from there almost at once. The wet market theory was rejected early on. For one thing, it was a seafood market, and COVID was supposed to have come from a bat that wasn’t even indigenous to the area. Natural transmission was still considered a possibility, however.

But Wuhan lab workers got sick, likely with COVID in late 2019. The virology lab is known for its shoddy safety protocols, and the Communist Chinese wholesale effort to hide the fact of its existence displayed classic coverup tactics. One brave doctor who blew the whistle got the usual midnight visit from the Communist thugs and then, surprise, surprise, he died of the virus. Another doctor who stood up for him died of “COVID” too.

But never mind. We’re all haters, bigots, racists and conspiracy nut jobs. Facebook “fact” checkers, Twitter, YouTube etc. would block anyone who suggested the virus was a lab creation, just as they blocked people who talked about the medical value of hydroxychloroquine, D3, Zinc and other inexpensive, readily available remedies like Ivermectin.

Except now the media is having to admit that COVID “might” have been manufactured in the lab. A Norwegian virologist recently stated that the virus had to have been manmade. He says there is “no credible natural ancestors”. Fast Fauci has now also reversed himself for the umpteenth time on masks, etc. Can’t wait for the next. Meanwhile, he has now been outed for a 2012 report in which he argued that the benefits of “gain of function” research–i.e. weaponizing corona viruses–outweighed the risk of creating a pandemic.
It seems apparent the media’s real motivation–along with a breathtaking number of people in medicine, academia and politics–was to prevent President Trump from taking credit for anything that would help reduce COVID infections.

Can you imagine that? These people were so set on winning in 2020 that they were willing to let people die rather than give the President credit. This is the true measure of the kind of people we are up against! And some Republicans think the election wasn’t stolen??? Are you kidding? Does a bear poop in the woods??

I continue to believe that the virus was an accidental release. If you recall last year, I wrote an article on my congressional campaign website about China’s plan to murder 200 million Americans with a bioweapon.

Sometime around 2003, Chinese general Chi Haotian gave a secret speech to top CCP leaders. He said that China was running out of room for its burgeoning population and needed to find new land. He argued for using a bioweapon to “clean up” America, killing us all to make room for them to colonize the nation. “Biological weapons are unprecedented in their ruthlessness, but if the Americans do not die then the Chinese have to die,” he said.

That was in 2003. They have advanced greatly in this area since then. So I think if they intended to do this, they would have been much sneakier and the disease would have been much more virulent.

Whether it was deliberate or a leak, there is no doubt that they saw COVID as a means to take down Trump. We know that Google, Twitter and Facebook interact regularly with the Communist Chinese, and as we saw in last week’s incredible webinar with Liz Yore, so does the Pope!

Hollywood actor John Cena personified the attitude of Hollywood, many in business, politics the media and big tech, when this week he apologized, in Chinese, for calling Taiwan a country!

They all saw Trump as a threat to the new world order; and the Democrats and their media allies were willing to do anything to remove President Trump. Whether it was a happy coincidence or something more sinister, Democrats, the CCP and everyone else took full advantage of COVID to destroy the Trump presidency, no matter who had to die to achieve it. As the Monstrous, Stalinist Governor Gretchen Whitmer said, “It’s all political!”

What you should understand is that none of this is in the least surprising to anyone familiar with Communist strategies and tactics. Communism is the greatest evil ever unleashed on mankind. We have been anesthetized to that fact by endless propaganda, lies and sheer ignorance promulgated in Western media, Hollywood, our educational institutions and culture. This has been aided and abetted by the human mind’s unwillingness to believe that anyone (except maybe Hitler), could be so systematically evil, further helped with a large dose of political and economic self-interest enjoyed by those who have chosen to interact and trade with the Chinese.



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The Left is rampaging across our nation today. Portland, Oregon is burning and many other cities face continuous looting, rioting and destruction. And while the Antifa/Black Lives Matter mob is wreaking havoc, destroying businesses and neighborhoods, leaders in those communities have taken an inexplicable hands-off attitude, even to the point of restraining a police response. Meanwhile, the Democrat Party, Big Tech, the media and institutional Left have turbocharged censorship and vilification of their political enemies. How did we come to this, who caused it, what are their motivations and how do we stop it?


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