Lake County Property Tax…Who Benefits?

Written by: Brian Massie – LFC Director

In light of the Lake County Commissioners considering using the 1.1 mills available to them under the “inside millage” to build a new “Justice Center”, we thought that the Lake County taxpayers could benefit from an analysis of the current tax collections and the amounts given annually to each government entity. [This does not include the Hotel tax collected and given to the Visitors Bureau. By the way, I will be meeting with the VB’s Neil Stein and Amy Sabath and Commissioner Ron Young today. I will report the outcome of the meeting to our readers.]

The first schedule below was prepared by the Lake County Auditor’s office. LFC summarized the numbers and created the second schedule. The data was sorted based on total revenue received by each governmental agency.

We have sent a records request to Ms. Elfie Roman of the Deepwood center so that we could better understand their need for $64 million in their “rainy day fund”. We will be addressing the other governmental agencies in due course.

Please remember that the “inside millage” does not require a vote of the taxpayers, but the “outside millage” requires taxpayer approval.

We are very concerned that the growth of local political sub-divisions is draining the resources of the citizens of Lake County and will force many to sell their homes. It is not acceptable for the governmental agencies to request tax increases that are in excess of their annual needs so that they can accumulate funds to eliminate the need to go back to the taxpayers for 10 or more years.

Many families are living month to month, but political sub-divisions and “non-profits” get to have mega surpluses “just in case” there is a need. Not acceptable!




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