Holmes and Watson…and the tribute band

Lake County’s Tribute Band

Our dynamic duo continue to keep an eye on the movers and shakers of Lake County, Ohio.

Watson: (Rushing into his flat, excitedly waving a photo) “Holmes, Holmes….I’ve been told that there is a new Lake County band in tribute to John, Paul, George and Ringo….this is too good to be true…Mrs. Hudson will be so excited…you know Ringo was her favorite…quite a crush she had…almost left her husband over it…tsk, tsk..”

Holmes: (with a perplexed look, wondering what has got his friend in such a frenzy)…”What are you blathering about, my good man?…a tribute band?”…

Watson: “Look at what was just sent to me with the caption….”a new band is forming in Lake County…the old gang is getting together with some newbies…”

Morris Beverage III (R) (Left) / Kevin Malecek (D) (Top) / Dan Troy (D) (Bottom) / Robert Weger (R) (Right)

Holmes: “Watson, I fear that you have been duped once again…that is merely a picture of the growing Kabal of the Kool Kids Klub in Lake County.”

Watson: “What?….how can that be?…say it ain’t so”

Holmes: “Watson…Watson…Watson…don’t you remember we uncovered their plot quite some time ago?…making Lake County citizens think that they had a choice at the voting booth.”

Watson: “Why yes, I do…dastardly deception I must say…Ah…now that you mention it, I do recognize the Democrats Kevin Malecek, and Dan Troy…there is the former, sometimes a Republican, Mayor of Willoughby Hills, little Bobbie Weger on the right, but there is a new face on the left…So who is the New Kid on the Block?”

Holmes: “That’s the Republican Morris Beverage III…he is running for Lake County Commissioner in 2022…still undecided on which Republican he will try to unseat”

Watson: “Good grief…I feel deceived…Mrs. Hudson is going to be devastated…does that also mean that Jerry, Morgan, Chris, Paul, and Amy S. won’t be doing the back-up vocals?”

Holmes: (shaking in disbelief at the comment) “Watson…your naïveté is killing me man…just killing me…you know they will always be in the background, just not in the picture…”

Our good doctor, starts shredding the picture and starts humming his favorite Beatles song…”Let it Be…Let it Be”, but he knows he cannot let it go…


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