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LFC Comments by Brian Massie – President of LFC

We are pleased to announce that we will be reactivating our quarterly newspaper.

Our first publication is set for September 1, 2021.

Our creative staff of writers and editors will be working on new articles that will not be published in our on-line newspaper. Although our primary focus will be on Lake County, Ohio, we will publish articles that impact the State of Ohio, our nation, and pertinent world events.

We will strive to provide informative, educational content, using various writing styles, with a smattering of our own brand of humor and satire.

If you are interested in receiving our quarterly newspaper, please sign-up by clicking on the “Newspaper Sign-Up” page listed on the top of our home page.

Donations are gladly accepted. Please make checks payable to Lobbyists for Citizens and mailed to P.O. Box 441, 150 Center Street, Chardon, OH 44024-9998.


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