Biometric cookies…when will you say no more?

Biometric Cookies

Written by Mary Pruitt
July 25, 2021

We all know what cookies are. I have opened multiple European or other countries’ companies, who give their citizens options to choose the cookies they allow. For example, functional cookies are required, but third party or other cookies are optional and you can turn them off if you like. (1)

Just now, I tried to enter an American Insurance company and they wanted cookie approval. I sought to turn off all non essential cookies. It gave me zero options. As I dug further, the cookie company is Onespan Inc that is a biometric system. They want full access to my phone. I refused. Instead, I will go to my local insurance office and sign the papers. (2)

These biometrics cookies, are not benign players. These are being further implemented in the vaccine digital ID rollout worldwide. (Conspiracy theorists proven right once again.) (3)

Our totalatarian fascist goverments can turn your ID approval on or turn your ID approval off, dependent on whether you acquiesce to their demands, whatever those demands are. If you are not bowing to their, at their will requirements, you will not be able to shop, bank, visit people, drive, or whatever their fascist little hearts desire. You think I am exaggerating, until the day it happens. (3)(4)

Once again, it is WE THE PEOPLE’S choice to let, or not let, fascism be allowed in our government. Do we decide to protect our churches, family, friends, community and country from illegitimately governed fear mongering to implement unnecessary DANGEROUS vaccine passports? The government will shut anyone in society down, as we witnessed this past 18 months. They are pushing a new billion dollar industry in the name of safety, through fear. (5)

If you have been vaccinated, you do not need to know whether the person next to you has or has not been vaccinated. You are covered by your vaccination (allegedly covered that is). If you are unvaccinated, again, you know whether you need to quarantine yourself or take safety measures if you cannot get vaccinated. If you choose to not be vaccinated either for religious reasons (6), you have natural immunity (7), you think pathogenic priming will kill off the vaccinated (8), or you are in the group that have statistical 0 chance of harmful effects of covid19 (9), then you do not need to know the vaccination status of the person next to you either! (10)














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