Fauci’s Lies, Deceptions and Betrayals

Written by Mary Pruitt / August 2, 2021

May God Bless and protect the Republican Senators Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, James Lankford, Rick Scott, and Josh Hawley who sent a letter to Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Senator Gary Peters,
for bringing TRUTH to the public.

Anthony Fauci is a liar. Anthony Fauci (aka the FATHER of COVID19) committed a felony by lying to Congress among other crimes against humanity. (1) His actions, and insistance that gain of function is worth any risk, should not be excused. He needs to be held responsible. (2) If it were you or I who did this, we would be buried under the jail. But not Fauci. The CORRUPT DNC, DOJ and FBI will give the man a slap on the wrist, if that.

As we have all witnessed, Democrats are above the law. Democrats break the law repeatedly and never see a moment in jail. (3) Nothing will ever happen to Father of COVID19 Fauci. Nothing.

But, hopefully, the public will STOP LISTENING TO AN EVIL LIAR. Just stop it people, please. Stop hiding your heads in the sand. For those who have understanding of science, and are afraid to speak out against the flip flops and erroneous guidance of Father Fauci, please stop putting your job or money, in front of truth! Ethics must be exhibited by our scientific and medical community. (4)

This man, collaborated to create a modified, dangerous virus in a Chinese lab. (1) What could possibly go wrong? Oh well, perhaps a pandemic. No biggie. Well worth the risk, Right Father Fauci?

But let us not forget, our DOD provided a lot of funding for this gain of function research as well. (5) How stupid are we as a country? Never mind, no need to answer. Actions speak louder.

In truth and justice,

Mary Pruitt

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