Open Letter to All Lake County Residents…Exposing Congressman Dave Joyce

Exposing the RINO Congressman Dave Joyce

Written by: “Anonymous Mama Bear” / September 27, 2021

Dear Honorable John Plecnik (Lake County Commissioner):

Congressman David Joyce just became a huge liability in this district. My advice is that you dis-invite David Joyce from your October 7 fundraiser or rebuke him in public.  We all need to send him a message.   If you don’t at least rebuke him; then we will know where you stand.  

Congressman Joyce just pissed off all the Mama Bears out there. Other Mama Bears, across the political spectrum, will soon be aroused out of their slumber as they learn what the U.S. House just voted for, without any open debate (buried quietly in the “must-pass” defense bill); to make 18-25 year old girls military draft-eligible.   David Joyce  has just gone after my three daughters.   My youngest will have to register; but this means that any women, of any age, risks being drafted.  The Senate is expected to pass this bill unless we scream loud now.   Gender bending Biden will undoubtedly sign it. 

Conservatives need to restore the idea that the government does not own our bodies.   Whether it is forced vaccination or old politicians forcing young people to become cannon fodder; the principle remains the same.   People will volunteer their arms for a Covid shot, or their bodies for military service, when they believe that the cause is moral and true.   Holding back our consent is a powerful message from the American people that something is wrong.     

David Joyce has also stabbed all patriotic Americans in the back by voting to create an Office of Countering Extremism.  It is designed to criminalize the speech of anyone who supports the U.S. Constitution. 
[LFC Comments: “Just Dave” pretending to be a conservative…you have exposed yourself as the RINO you really are. Selling out our daughters and the right of free speech. We will not let this one go “Just Dave”! You must be held accountable. We know that you brag about having $1 million in your campaign coffers, as if that makes you invincible. However, the public will no longer be misled by your treachery and betrayal of the Constitution and your constituents.]

The U.S. Constitution stands in the way of the totalitarian Great Reset (New World Order) goals; so Great Reset supporters  (a.k.a. “Build Back Better”) seek any means possible to silence, terminate, or imprison any person who is loyal to the U.S. Constitution. This is why Biden has redefined the Taliban as allies and patriots as “domestic terrorists”.   This is why January 6 protestors were relabeled as “domestic terrorists”.   

It is only a matter of time before the falsely named “Patriot Act” is applied to go after any American who does not go along with the “Build Back Better”, “Woke”, and other Great Reset agendas that are largely funded by large multinational corporations with no loyalty to the U.S. or Americans.  

This is a last straw for me. It should be a last straw for you too. I cannot support any candidate that chooses to ally with David Joyce.  He is now persona non grata for me.  He will soon be persona non grata for the Lake County electorate.

My recommendation is that you plan on running against David Joyce in the primary for Congress. I could support you in that capacity. 

There will be no neutrality in the days ahead. The extreme Left has a “take no prisoners” mentality and they are now willing to take our daughters too. You have to chose. You will either be co-opted to the forces of darkness, or you can fight the good fight.  

You are a very talented man. I hope you will chose to fight on the side of all that is decent and good. 

I hope that you will become a Congressman more in the mold of Chip Roy of Texas who correctly stated that Republicans like David Joyce are “cowards who hide behind the Defense Department.”

Remember, the days of sitting on the fence are over with. The Woke Communist Left has made moderation impossible.  

I will be going onto the radio later today to make sure that David Joyce’s vote is noticed widely.   I am willing to die for my children.  What about you?  We all need to ask that question now.   It is values clarification time.


A really honked off mama bear. 

References further below….

1) requires 18-25 year old girls to register with selective service making them military draft eligible
2) Creates an “Office of Countering Extremism” to marginalize and go after social conservatives who oppose radical left wing agendas.

If only David Joyce had the courage of Representative Chip Roy of Texas……. 

Rep. Roy’s statement on passage of NDAA

September 23, 2021 Press Release WASHINGTON— Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) issued the following statement Thursday after voting against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA):

Today, I voted against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY22.I support the fundamental purpose of the NDAA to ensure we have well trained service members with all the tools necessary to carry out their mission — but unfortunately it has been hijacked by the radical left.

Under no circumstances will I support a NDAA that requires my daughter — and thousands of other young women — to register for the draft. I will not stand for it. This legislation, backed by both Republican and Democrat leadership, completely loses sight of the NDAA’s core focus to strengthen our national security.

This unacceptable bill undermines service members’ second amendment rights, creates an “Office of Countering Extremism” with the power to expel troops who engage in “extremist activities,” while continuing to fund critical race theory training, promote the radical Green New Deal agenda, and fails to hold our Pentagon leaders accountable for the failure in Afghanistan. Our service members and our military families deserve better from their Representatives.


Dave Joyce’s Response to the legislation: [LFC Comment: Notice that it says “Joyce’s priorities”, but fails to mention the negative portions of the legislation. We are calling out the deception. He is like the “Wizard of Oz” by focusing on the positive without pulling back the curtain on the total sordid details of the legislation. He, obviously, thinks his constituents are stupid, mindless sheep that will fall for his deception.]

House Freedom Caucus Statement….

Reason Magazine explains the logic of where things stand with House and Senate


LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Executive Director: We agree with “Anonymous Mama Bear” that all reported Lake County “Conservative” Republicans need to, at least, rebuke Congressman Dave Joyce for his vote on the current NDAA. We can no longer keep kicking this can down the road. Either stand by your conservative principles of supporting the U.S. Constitution, or admit that we have lost to the Communist/Socialists Democrats and RINO Republicans, and any future votes for you by Lake County residents will be not make a difference.

You make statements that the Conservatives must take control of the Republican Party, well here is a great place to create a beachhead. Either you stand by your Party’s platform, or you stop the deception of publicly reporting it as your guiding principles.

Dave Joyce must be replaced, as well as any Republican cavorting with the Democrats.

Governor DeWine should also be given his walking papers…he is way past his expiration date.

Time is running out for our Republic as we know it. The cavalry is not coming with another Trump victory in 2024. We must rebuild from the local level by removing those from public office that continue to betray the average citizens.

The Bible tells us that we cannot bear good fruit from a bad tree. And when we see the “fruit” hanging from the Republican branches, we realize that a good portion of the tree is rotten to the core.

Let these cold hard facts be a dose of reality for Party leaders and the Republican faithful:

The current statistics from the Lake County Board of Elections show that of the 162,355 registered voters 18,852 (11.6%) are Republicans, 20,847 are Democrats (12.8%), 121 (.1) are Libertarians, and 122,535 (75.4%) are not affiliated with any political Party. Have the Republican Party leaders ever wondered why they are in the minority, and why they do not see their numbers increasing? Could it be that 75% of the community realize that, although your platform promotes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, they see it as just an illusion or a deception, because no one really stands for anything other than getting re-elected


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