Candace Owens Reveals – We are becoming a communist country

Candace Owens Issues Warning to America: ‘We Are Being Radically Transformed Into a Communist Country’

The Liberty Daily / By J.D. Rucker • Nov. 9, 2021

Excerpts from the article:

 “I spent the earlier part of the day speaking to a North Korean defector. I was actually horrified hearing her speak about what she lived through while she was in North Korea and understanding that what they’re really trying to do right here in America is build exactly that model where the state controls and owns and operates everything.

You will have nothing and you will be happy because we will have served some higher purpose, some higher government, some higher idea. What you’re talking about, these ideologues, this higher idea, green new energy, you did it for your planet, you need to have nothing. You need to shut down these pipelines. You’re not going to be able to afford to fill up gas but look at you, you should be proud because now you’re just a part of the green new plan.

By the way, if you want anything, you’ve got to worship government. This is the whole reason why when you talk about what are the things that connect these attacks of the education system. Why are they dumbing down kids? Why are they being so horrible about families? Why to they want children turning to government and not to their parents for answers? One thing that ties this all is they don’t want there to be anything but the state in your individual lives.

One of the things that this North Korean defector told me is that there is no concept of love. We do not have words like stress, we don’t have words like social justice in Korean. There is no concept of this in the state because they don’t want to think about that because you’re supposed to know this is how things are supposed to be. Every movie that they’re allowed to watch in North Korea, and this really terrified me, the only concept of anybody dying is for the state. The highest honor is for the state.

We are seeing right now, people thought this was a radical concept years ago, that this was a Republican talking point. It’s not. We are seeing America being radically transformed into a communist country. That is what is happening right now. People need to wake up. I cannot say it enough because it’s happening quickly. How have they done it? They needed an existential crisis. Covid-19 is their never-ending existential crisis.


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