Ohio HB 207 Dealing With Homestead Exemption…Citizens Need to Act

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Executive Director
Thanks to a Willoughby lobbyist for sending us the following response he received from State Representative Dan Troy (District 60) to an inquiry about the Homestead Exemption Bill [HB 207]


Email response from State Representative Dan Troy (District 61):

“(Name Redacted) thank you for contacting me regarding your support of HB 207. You are absolutely correct. In Willoughby and throughout Lake County, too many seniors, many of whom are long-time community members, are struggling with the burden of increasing property taxes. 

Currently, my bill is in the House Ways & Means Committee, Chaired by Rep. Derek Merrin. For the bill to move forward, it must first pass out of the committee. Unfortunately, Rep. Merrin has not been regularly scheduling committee meetings, and when he does, tax bills benefiting select large businesses are prioritized while those that help everyday people are ignored. 

You can help by emailing Rep. Merrin at Rep47@ohiohouse.gov, encouraging him to schedule HB 207 for a committee hearing. Please feel free to share this message with your friends and family, that also support reducing the property tax burden for our senior citizens. 

Again, thank you for your support and advocacy on this important issue.”


Here is a link to the current legislation sponsored by Representative Troy:


Here is H.B. 207 as it has been submitted:


Derek Merrin State Rep. District 47

State Representative Derek Merrin District 47


Although the current HB 207 is appreciated, it is not enough to seriously help Ohio and Lake County seniors. However, we ask that all our readers take the time to contact Representative Derek Merrin and ask that HB 207 be scheduled for his committee hearings.

If what Representative Troy states is true, Rep. Merrin needs to prioritize the legislation that will help the average senior citizen.


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