There is no joy in Ohio for the Once Mighty Trump has struck out

Written by: Brian Massie, former Trump supporter
April 25, 2022

His fans were excited, the anticipation was high, the stage was set, Ohioans could once again believe,

The cavalry was coming to save us from the evil doers, Biden and Rino’s, our prayers are answered, we would not be deceived.

He strode to the podium, his hair just right, his swagger intact, oh what a sight to behold, for legends must be bold.

After bashing the Democrats and the news media, the audience had visions of 2016, they broke out the tea, oh my, we can make America great again,

And then the storm clouds started to appear, what are we hearing, this cannot be true,

J.D. Vance is our Savior’s choice for Senate?  Fear not, that was just a misstep, an anomaly, Trump will get the next one right.

Fans stared at each other with a quizzical look, a shrug of the shoulders, that is only strike one, Trump will get the next one right.

What did he say? Do our ears deceive us? Frank LaRose just received an endorsement from the Man!  A collective gasp was uttered, while his fans dropped their tea, this cannot be…this cannot be…but that is only strike two. Trump will get the next one right.

The fans developed a serious, pensive look, murmurs started to permeate the crowd, words like deception and betrayal could be heard, but not to worry, the dwindling partisans would say. Trump will get the next one right.

Alas, they could not believe that they had once again been deceived, Ohio Republican Chairman and Governor Mike DeWine’s front man, Bob Paduchak, received the coveted Trump endorsement…oh, let us take flight…

As the loyalists dropped their signs and shuffled off to their cars in disbelief, the year 2016 quickly became a distant memory, a momentary blip in the annals of history, a pause in the Communist take-over of our land.

When our “Savior” takes the Lord’s name in vain, and becomes what he used to loathe, the patriots finally realize that the “Emperor has no clothes”.  Sadly, we must state the obvious, the once mighty Donald Trump has struck out!

It is easy to recognize what has happened to our world. When we destroy the family, babies and morality a society will collapse. However, we did not even see it coming, because evil works in incremental steps.

My fellow Americans, I beseech you to look around, we are on the wrong path.

The question is: “How do we fix it”?



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