Ohio’s HB 441…Saving Free Speech


From: Stephanie | Heritage Action

Date: Tue, Apr 19, 2022 at 11:42 AM

Subject: Big Tech is a problem. Ohio has a bill to fix it.

Free speech is a sacred and fundamental right. America wouldn’t be America without it.

Alarmingly, free speech is under attack by Big Tech. Silicon Valley startups that benefited from America’s liberties have grown into Orwellian behemoths and are increasingly using their power to smother the liberties of Americans.

In the past four years, we’ve seen Big Tech:

  • Act as agents of the state, taking orders from Washington bureaucrats to censor Americans and squelch dissenting opinions.
  • Act as agents of a political party, deciding which news stories are allowed to be shared in the week before an election.
  • Act as agents of the Chinese Communist Party, censoring the information Chinese citizens can access.

Free speech is under assault when Big Tech companies apply their moderation policies in politically biased ways or at the behest of political appointees. Ultimately, we need to make sure that the moderation policies of tech companies are applied fairly to everyone. 

Big Tech needs to be reined in and free speech needs to be defended. Ohio’s HB 441 will do just that.

Here’s why we need HB 441:

  • Protect free speech. HB 441 protects your constitutional right to free speech by prohibiting Big Tech companies from abusing their power and censoring Ohioans.
  • Hold Big Tech accountable. HB 441 ensures customers have legal avenues to fight back against Big Tech censorship by establishing a private right of action against Big Tech companies. Ohioans will be able to take Big Tech to court!

HB 441 will help level the playing field between Big Tech and the American people.

Take action to defend free speech today. Email your Ohio state representative and tell them to support HB 441.

Thank you,

Stephanie Kreuz

Midwest Regional Coordinator

Heritage Action for America

P.S. Big Tech is attempting to spread misinformation about the bill. Read Heritage Action’s Myth vs. Fact setting the record straight.



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