Disband the F.B.I.

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I will probably have another “knock on my door” from my friends at the F.B.I. after this article. Thanks to Mary Pruitt for sharing her thoughts about the Fraudulent Bureau of Intimidation. I learned something about Mary when I read the article. She admitted that she almost voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016….(pardon me Mary, say it ain’t so….oh, I guess a momentary lapse in judgement happens to all of us from time to time..)


Disband the F.B.I.

by Mary Pruitt / September 6, 2022

I have sent my request to disband the FBI to all of my reps via the “convention of states” action alert that was emailed to me.  Upon learning Hillary Clinton rolled out with an international conspiracy to take Trump down through a fake Steele Dossier, I have been astounded by our 2 tiered justice system.  The government allowed  Hillary and Democrats to just pay a small fine to wash away their 32 million dollar sin of a Mueller investigation.   She did this with a willing group of supporters through her subversive lawyers, Podesta and members of the intelligence community, most notably Page, Strzok, McCabe, Comey, Clapper and Brennan. Of course, many jumped on the illicit bandwagon attacking this man, such as the Cheneys, Michael Hayden, Billy Krystal of the Lincoln Project and so forth after the politically created and motivated Mueller investigation.  Mueller special counsel actually was run by his democrat posse he put together under Weissman. As Bill Barr recently stated once again, his friend Mueller should have declined to be special counsel.   

People can disregard my position as a Trump supporter. I will tell you, I ALMOST voted for Hillary in 2016. I hated Trump THAT much and believed Hillary’s statement about Trump’s finger on the nuclear weapons. I felt the GOP gave me no choice. However, I voted libertarian instead.  In 2020, I voted for Trump because Trump was a peacemaker. I am an independent voter and always have been. Ever since Obama killed so many with his lies of hope and change, I decided to vote for presidents who will kill the least number of people in the world since they are the Commander in Chief. 

Trump should receive the Nobel Peace Prize for killing the least number of people, let alone for the Abraham Accords. Eh hem, Biden, on the other hand, has given billions in weapons, money and equipment to taliban and re-ignited the ISIS regime. He has started a proxy war with Russia through NATO via Ukraine which continues his family, and multiple politicians’ crime spree of money laundering. Very few supported the wars in the Middle East anymore so they made Ukraine War popular with the Vogue appearing, high heeled dancing Zalensky. These days, Biden’s military command are more concerned about covid vaccines, rainbows and pronouns, than about national security. The fallout from this continued OBiden Russian/Ukraine debacle will be felt for decades by our children.

I digress, let me get back to the FBI. In March of 2022, Trump filed a lawsuit against the FBI for their participation in the 2016 campaign against Trump. 5 months later the same FBI unit raids Trump’s home with DOJ and White House collaborations, violating so many laws, and Trump’s rights, once again. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand the implications that the FBI, DOJ, and Biden are involved in a master conspiracy to cover their tracks.    Trump was the outsider to the uniparty of the global war perpetrators of the families who no longer are popular such as the Cheneys, Bushes, Clintons and soon Biden. Trump turned their worlds upside down (and ours, to be frank).   I personally would rather not have Trump as President again, but the man is strong and truly can bring peace back to the world, so I would rather have peace in the world than peace in my own home.   I will vote for Trump if he is the GOP candidate, because the uniparty of democrats and RINOs are criminals, frauds, anti constitutional and anti bill of rights. Until the FBI are held accountable for their politically motivated acts, I will never vote democrat again.

In truth,

Mary Pruitt





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