National Education Association’s “I’m Here” Program

By Dr. Kelly Kohls

Please be aware of the latest transgression by the NEA for control and influence over our children at the expense of parental rights.  

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Ohio’s “Hilliard City School District participates in the National Education Association’s “I’m Here” program which encourages teachers to wear a badge. The QR code on the badge links to an LGBTQ+ Resource Toolkit with resources that describe abortion as the removal of “pregnancy tissue”, encourage gender transitioning without parental consent, and promote sex work. The teachers’ badges have sparked outrage among parents.“

Everyone needs to ask your board and superintendent about the presence of this program anywhere within your district. “I am not aware of….” is not an answer.  It is a yes or no answer you want so you can hold them to it.

Whether you support the power of the NEA to push parents aside in the area of their child’s development or not, the real question is about confining our government schools to the academic areas of education. 

The recent election for governor in VA faced this question head-on. The voters overwhelmingly rejected Terry McCauliffe’s assertion that he doesn’t “think parents should be telling schools what they should teach”.

Your board and superintendents may say they have not been “made aware of this”, but this is simply not a sufficient answer. It is evidently part of the national trend to usurp parental rights regarding child development.I would expect our leaders to be forward on this very divisive matter.

 Are they? I want to know up front how this expected intrusion on parental rights will be dealt with. Can I? Tell moms to follow up with the Superintendent and board members to get answers to those questions. I think other voters would like to know those answers as well.  Tell parents to go into the buildings, and to see if anyone is wearing these pins or if there are posters on the school buildings.

Given many superintendent replies so far and the level of power the NEA has on a nationwide scale, I’d say that the “I’m Here” program is either in your district already, or not far away. 

Dr. Kelly Kohls





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