Proposed Changes to Title IX Negating Parental Rights

Brian Massie, citizen journalist

Every parent with children in school should be made aware of the proposed changes in the Title IX legislation. Diana Fessler, Ohio Department of Education Board Member from District 1, has prepared a critical alert for all taxpayers.

“Title IX prohibits sex-based (male/female/chromosomal) discrimination in any federally funded educational program. For fifty years, the law has leveled the playing field for girls and women, increased college admissions, and opened doors of opportunity for female competitive sports teams. Title IX acknowledges the physiological differences between the male and female sexes.”

“The federal administrative rules associated with Title IX are being hijacked to prohibit public, private, charter, and parochial schools from adopting a policy or engaging in a practice that does not recognize or embrace the concept of gender identities (thoughts and feelings). Schools will be required to deny biological reality.

In addition, a student or staff member who uses a child’s legal name and biological pronoun (rather than the child-selected preferred name and pronouns) could be deemed a form of sex-based harassment. Students, staff, and schools could become subject to civil litigation and loss of federal funds.

“In addition, the proposed rule requires K-12 schools to aid minor children in
transitioning to a different gender without requiring parental notification or


Editorial opinion: After attending more school board meetings in the last year than in my entire lifetime, and researching the performances of Ohio, and local schools, it is very apparent that public education is now, as an old sage confirmed for me, in a “race to the bottom”. The evil, Godless, indoctrination and propaganda has been so pervasive and effective from our colleges, and other institutions, that there does not seem to be any possible solution or reconciliation of our fractured society.

Unfortunately, except for a very select few Christian stalwarts, those in the community that are in a position to make a difference are hesitant to speak up for fear of losing their jobs, and prestige in the community. Another disturbing fact is that I am seeing more women than men at the school board meetings.

After speaking to Lake County’s social service providers and observing the growing nationwide homeless communities, I have come to realize that we have major mental health issues in our county and country. When coupled with public schools that want to interfere with the “parent – child” relationship, instead of improving academics, and an ever-increasing toxic drug culture, I conclude we are on the road to perdition.




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