How have the Democrats helped Cleveland children?

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After reviewing the statistics of Cleveland public schools, we had to reveal what we have discovered to our readers. It is appalling that 68% of the Cleveland public school children cannot even read. It is not because there isn’t enough teachers. A student to teacher ratio of 14:1 is very teacher friendly.

Let’s take a deeper look at how the children are being “helped” with Democrats in control.

“Public Schools in Cleveland Municipal School District have an average math proficiency score of 29% (versus the Ohio public school average of 63%), and reading proficiency score of 32% (versus the 64% statewide average). Sep 7, 2022

  • Enrollment: 34,602 students
  • Student:Teacher Ratio: 14:1
  • Minority Enrollment: 85%
  • Graduation Rate: 76% (Bottom 50% in OH)
  • Overall District Rank: Bottom 50%
  • Math Proficiency: 28% (Bottom 50%)
  • Reading Proficiency: 32% (Bottom 50%)
  • Source: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), OH Dept. of Education

How much was spent to produce these abysmal statistics? Here is what the Cupp Reports tell us:

Total Year-End Enrollment (Students) 34,510 [2021]

Student Population:
Asian 1.11%
Pacific Islander .16%
Black 64.06%
Indian/Alaskan .2%
Hispanic 16.72%
White 15.02%
Multiracial 2.74%

[Note: % are from 2020 Cupp Reports, since the 2021 Cupp Reports are incorrect.]


Email response received from State of Ohio Office of Budget and School Funding in response to our inquiry on the validity of the reported data:

I checked and realized that the ethnic data for Cleveland was picked up incorrectly for the Cupp Report. The data was reported correctly, and the issue was with the downloading program. This issue may have also affected the racial breakdown data of other school districts. The racial breakdown data in the FY21 Cupp Report therefore is not reliable. I apologize for that. Although we check all the data very carefully before finalizing the report, somehow this issue escaped our scrutiny. For this data, please consult the reports from previous years, like FY20. We are now laying out the foundation of the FY22 report together and I will make sure that this program works properly. Thank you for alerting us about this problem. Let me know of any questions please.

Daria Shams – Senior Policy Analyst


Revenue Source per student: [2021]
State of Ohio $14,203.93
Local Property Tax $ 7,580.76
Other Non-Tax $ 1,203.82
Federal Gov’t $ 3,337.75
Total $26,326.26

~Total Annual Revenue for the Cleveland School District: $908,519,232
[34,510 x $26,326.26]

Approximately, how many children cannot read? 23,466
[34,510 x (100% – 32%)]

Absolutely disgraceful performance, and, in our opinion, the community leaders should be standing up for the residents of this school district, and demand changes be made in the district. Throwing money at the problem, will not solve the problem.

With this performance in the school district, we do not see any improvements in the future for the following poverty statistics. And this is exactly what the Democrats want! They will keep the people dependent on the government for a subsistence level of existence.

From The Center for Community Solutions




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