Words Matter…

Words matter. Political medicine perverts the English language to disguise its malevolence. Political medicine intentionally uses colloquial language to dupe the public. By calling experimental mRNA jabs “vaccines” people were mislead and assumed the jabs, like legitimate vaccines, provided immunity and prevented transmission (the legal definition of vaccines). Covid jabs did neither. In fact, the CDC actually CHANGED the definition of “vaccines” to legally protect itself.

Bioethics is another perversion of language. The colloquial use of the words “ethics” and “bioethics” infers morality and protection of the individual.

By switching the meaning to protection of the “common good,” the public is duped into believing our medical institutions are protecting us and the individualism that is foundational to our Judeo-Christian morality and our U.S. Constitution. In fact, the switch denies protection of the individual, and awards supremacist control to the globalists who determine “morality” and what is the “common good.”

Denial is not a survival strategy:
1. Globalism is a supremacist replacement ideology.
2. Political medicine is its pathway to victory.
3. The United Nations is the infrastructure for one-world planetary governance.

Every conspiracy begins with a theory, and we are way past the theoretical stage of this colossal conspiracy to collapse America from within, and impose one-world planetary governance.

In the New Normal you will own nothing, because the globalists will own everything including your life, and your freedom. You will definitely not be happy living as a serf in the planned feudal managerial state, perversely named the Great Reset.  

Linda Goudsmit / 10/5/22
 goudsmit.pundicity.com  and website: lindagoudsmit.com 




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