Let’s Play “Can You Spot the Republicans”?

By: T. Paine, patriot

Thanks to a Lake County patriot for sending us this information.

We are confirming what many people already know. However, the average citizen in Lake County may not know that Republicans and Democrats regularly cavort with one another at fundraisers.

The Lake County Republican Party’s Bylaws specifically prohibit Republicans from supporting Democrats.

Here is page one of their Bylaws:

Here are the complete Lake County Republican Party Bylaws:

Let’s see if you can “Spot the Republicans” attending Democrat Judge Paul Malchesky’s fundraiser. Those Republican Bylaws must only be “guidelines” not really rules because no one in power gets censured.

Here is a link to Democrat Judge Malchesky’s (a.k.a. Mr. Continuous for his support of continuous property tax levies) Facebook page.


THANK YOU for your overwhelming and generous support at the kick-off for Re-Elect Judge Paul Malchesky for Painesville Municipal Court on Thursday. “I look forward to continuing my service to all of you and our community. I stand committed to continuing the fair, impartial and efficient administration of justice in our jurisdiction,” Judge Paul R. Malchesky.




With Betty Jo Murray Malchesky


Here are a few of our previously written articles about the Lake County Republican Party:

As of June 4, 2022 there were 18,461 Republicans, and 20,366 Democrats. This represents 11.5%, and 12.6% respectively of total registered voters. Hard to believe but 24.1% controlling the majority of people in Lake County, and only a few are on their central committees. In reality, less than 200 people control the County.

However, the Republicans believe that they are doing fabulous because they hold every County office except one – Dan Troy, State Representative.




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