Child Protection or Government Tyranny?

By Luciana, Community Activist

Mother, Jeannine Larrick, suffered injury to her back and neck, including bruising and severe pain that lasted over 1 year. All because she told the armed and shouting deputy to respect her home and to not shout at her! For that, Guernsey County Sheriff Deputy Oakley and his partner in crime, IN A FIT OF RAGE, pushed and threw the table and Jeannine 8 feet into a corner where they hit her, attacked her, cuffed and kidnapped her and then her children.

The sheriff deputies entered her home on what they claimed to be a “wellness check” for the kids, after the school (who was notified and supplied the paperwork of the kids being homeschooled) called police because the kids were not in school.

NOTE: While watching the video (below), please remember that 2 children were present to watch this attack on their mother and remember that Jeannine is a small framed LADY who was UNARMED and was attacked INSIDE HER OWN HOME by VERY LARGE MEN “acting under color of law” as deputies for the Guersey County Sheriff, were armed with guns and more!

These 2 large men were wearing body armor, had tasers, pepper spray, club, leather gloves, and GUNS …. all Jeannine said to them before they threw her to the ground and attacked her in front of her 2 children and kidnapped her was …. “Don’t shout at me in MY House.”

The nightmare that followed is HORRIFIC!

This mother, Jeannine Larrick from Cambridge Ohio, had her children kidnapped from her home, and both Guernsey County Sheriff’s Deputies and Guernsey County CPS were involved.

Jeannine’s daughter since this time, has been trafficked through over 10 different foster homes and group homes. Her daughter is now 14 years old and only feels safe under her bed! She has run away from the foster/group homes on 3 separate occasions and alone on the streets! A 14 YEAR OLD CHILD!

The state of OHIO kidnaps this child from a good home because the mother decided to homeschool, then the state of Ohio LOSES THIS CHILD TO THE STREETS!

THE STATE LOST THIS CHILD 3X … a child who had always been safe in the care of her own MOTHER until this incident occurred over homeschooling!

Wait! It gets worse! The mother Jeannine Larrick is then run through their corrupt kangaroo court system, then forced into a psychiatric ward because she told them that she is aware of Child Protection Services involved in trafficking children and making money through Title lV funding, and profiting from every child they remove from a home and put into foster care.

Jeannine Larrick, while in the psychiatric ward, provided the psychiatrist with the transcript from whistleblower, former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer’s documented research on these crimes involving CPS and Title lV funding.

Even after seeing documented facts and research by a former senator, the psychiatrist, so-called doctor Robby Wyatt, said that Jeannine was “delusional” for saying this.

The corrupt so-called judge Daniel Padden of Guernsey County, who has a bogus oath of office, ordered that Jeannine Larrick be FORCE DRUGGED!

Jeannine was thrown down and restrained by 8 male orderly’s at the psych ward, and a needle was forced into her, and unknown DRUGS with unknown side effects were forced into her body!

Jeannine was held in the Appalachian Behavioral Health Psychiatric Center under orders from this judge Daniel Padden for 6 months, SIX MONTHS!

While Jeannine was being unlawfully held at this Psych Hospital … which appears to have quite a long history of questionable and similar crimes against innocent people …. the state of Ohio held an unlawful custody trial for Jeannine’s daughter.

Since Jeannine was locked up by force and could not appear, judge Daniel Padden and his team which included Juvenile so-called judge David Bennett, terminated Jeannine’s parental rights and GAVE CUSTODY OF HER CHILD TO THE STATE OF OHIO!

The same STATE OF OHIO who since having custody of this child, has LOST HER to the STREETS on 3 separate occasions, trafficked her through many abusive foster homes, has “knowingly” allowed this child to be abused and beat up in foster care homes, has since created a huge CRIMINAL FILE on this CHILD who is now only 14 years of age and continues it’s attack on her mother who is now desperately trying to save her child!

Let us remember that BEFORE the state of Ohio became involved, this innocent child was SAFE at home where her mother was only trying to HOMESCHOOL her.

Now, the mother, Jeannine Larrick, is being charged and threatened with 2 years or more of prison time due to a police complaint made by 2 case workers who came to her home after the fact.

Jeannine told the caseworkers that she had an “arsenal of paperwork” where she had done much research and was ready to take this to Washington.

Jeannine also told them of news she had viewed where case workers had been “popped” for stealing peoples kids and that she saw that they were young case workers and may not know this was happening in their field of work and they should know this is going on.

Jeannine (it’s all video recorded) specifically is heard telling the 2 case workers that she is not threatening them but merely letting them know of news articles she had read and watched. The 2 case workers walked out peacefully, said goodbye, and left.

Later that day, they filed a police report and claimed that they were in fear because Jeannine claimed to have an “arsenal” … never mentioning that Jeannine “actually” said an “arsenal of paperwork”

The 2 case workers reported to police that Jeannine Larrick made a gun motion with her fingers, not mentioning that Jeannine was “actually” (pointing to her arsenal of paperwork)

Jeannine was unlawfully charged with Aggravated Menacing, which is a FELONY in Ohio (according what they call “codes”)

Jeannine has caused NO ONE any harm …. on the other hand, Jeannine and her entire family, especially her child who is presently suffering tons of ABUSE in foster care and group homes she’s being trafficked through by the state of OHIO! Her daughter is shown to now have several cuts up and down her arms, and we all fear for this childs life every day that this child is being kept away from her natural mother.

Just yesterday, the state of Ohio LOST this 14 year old CHILD AGAIN!

Tuesday, 09/13/2022 Jeannine Larrick has a “so-called” jury trial and we ask that anyone who could possibly attend, be present to witness the crimes going on in that court of NO LAW!

So-called judge David Bennett of the Guernsey Juvenile Court is who signed and stole custody of the children (in their delusional corrupt court)

Judge Daniel Padden is who has been persecuting this innocent mother for causing harm to no one. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has been sending special prosecutors from his office to prosecute this mother instead of using those prosecutors to prosecute real crimes!

Think about THAT, because we’re aware of many, many cases where Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is doing the same!


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