Ohio Public Schools Are A Disaster

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist and over-taxed taxpayer


[LFC Comments: Here is State propaganda at its finest:]

Improving Academic Performance Across All Student Groups
Statewide Performance Index Climbing

Ohio’s spring 2022 assessment results indicate increased proficiency on Ohio’s State Tests in English language arts and math across all student subgroups. This improvement shows how schools are providing high-quality supports and interventions to accelerate student learning.

[LFC Comments: What a bunch of malarkey! Statewide Performance Index Climbing! Take a look at these scores and tell me if you see success in these numbers.]

English Language Arts Proficiency for All Students

2018 – 2019 64.6%
2020 – 2021 57.0%
2021 – 2022 59.5%

Mathematics Proficiency for All Students

2018 – 2019 61.0%
2020 – 2021 48.2%
2921 – 2022 50.5%

State of Ohio taxpayers should be demanding better performances from public schools. Stop the WOKE agenda and focus on teaching the children reading, writing and arithmetic.

The Teachers’ Union, the Ohio School Board Association, Superintendents, Principals, Teachers and School Board members should all be totally embarrassed by these abysmal proficiency scores.

You all have failed the taxpayers and, more importantly, the children of Ohio’s public schools.




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