Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer…murder exposes CPS

By Luciana…../ February 1, 2023

This is what Jeannine Larrick mentioned that got her thrown into the psych ward and then force drugged by injection and forced to take continuous psych drugs afterwards, or else!

She mentioned that she was aware of CPS taking people’s kids like hers, to profit off of them! She even provided the attached document, written and filed with the state of Georgia, to Dr. Robby Wyatt of Appalachian Behavioral Health in Athens, OH. Dr. Wyatt saw the document and still said that Jeannine was “delusional” and in need of psychotropic drugs, which the judge then ordered her to be force drugged while they worked behind the scenes to terminate her parental rights and give the state custody of her children.

Georgia Senator Nancy Schaeffer was later murdered, along with her husband, and made to look like a murder-suicide.



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