Riverside 2023 Facilities Planning…how to waste $25K

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist, Riverside School District taxpayer

We attended a Riverside School Board planning meeting conducted by their consultant NV5. The purpose of the meeting was to present five different options to the school board on what should be done with the existing school buildings and with the alternative of building yet more new schools.

Here is the video we recorded of the entire meeting:

NV5 makes Facilities Planning presentation to the Riverside School Board.

Here is the handout prepared by the consultant:

Board Member Tom Hach accurately stated that none of these options would be accepted by the voters since the last property tax levy was soundly defeated 76% to 24%. Upon hearing this, the consultant agreed that the voters would not accept any of the options because of the cost.

The three female board members appeared a bit flummoxed, and wondered what do we do now. The answer was to spend even more money with a consultant to provide us with a really detailed analysis of the cost to rehabilitate the high school since that was the seemingly top priority. Or was it?

Superintendent Kalis chimed in with we need more space in certain schools even though as Board Member Scott Fishel clearly pointed out that enrollment has remained constant for several years.

Scott Fishel, as the newest board member, over nine months ago had used a consultant and developed an action plan with the able assistance from taxpayer and construction expert, Christian Weiss. The three female board members, unfortunately, are driving the bus, said oh no, the board must use the consultants they wanted to use. Sadly, they appear to be out of their depths, and really looked lost.

With the next election in November there will be two board members up for re-election if they choose to run – Lori Krenisky and Tom Hach. There could not be a more important election for the overtaxed taxpayers in the Riverside School District.

There needs to be a new majority on the school board that negates the thoughts, decisions, and input of Ms. Jennifer Harden and Ms. Belinda Grassi. We have previously called for their resignation because of their conduct unbecoming a school board member. We can now add incompetency in planning as another strike against them.

Note to Ms. Krenisky…all citizens are watching your performance and leadership. Choose wisely….




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