Average Citizen’s View on East Palestine Disaster

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

In order to avoid the massive security to protect President Trump and the thousands of people that will descend on East Palestine, Ohio, we decided to take a day trip on Tuesday, February 21st, the day before Trump’s arrival. The weather was beautiful, and the traffic very light.

Since we had never traveled to East Palestine, we wanted to see what the area and the people were like. What we found was a typical rural American community with a great deal of farm land populated with average, patriotic citizens that would provide a plethora of images for Norman Rockwell.

East Palestine School Mascot – the Bulldog
Main Street in East Palestine, Ohio

It is definitely President Trump territory.

We have been asked what was our overall impression of the situation in East Palestine? Is it as bad as the media says it is, or are other “experts” correct when they say that the long- term prognosis is that the water, soil, and air will be just fine in the future?

It is impossible for us, or anyone else to say what may happen in the near term or ten – twenty years from now.

However, what we can say is that we can only judge our politicians and the federal agencies entrusted to safeguard the American people, regardless of skin color, income levels, or political party, by their actions and not their words. It is quite clear that President Biden, Transportation Secretary Buttigieg, and the vast array of federal emergency management agencies did not care at all about the patriots living in East Palestine.

What is important to us is the mindset of the residents of East Palestine. Listen to a lifelong resident of East Palestine express his feelings about what has happened to his town, amid the lies, deceptions and betrayals of our federal government.





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