Lakeland Community College formed a D.I.E. committee

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Lakeland Community College, at the request of Board Member, Matt Hebebrand, formed a committee to discuss the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity standards at the college. The agenda was quickly derailed when the proposed legislation by Senator Cirino was mentioned by Mr. Hebebrand.

State Senator Jerry Cirino has sponsored legislation that will impact all colleges and universities. Here are two links to Senator Cirino’s proposed legislation.

The D.I.E. committee has been “paused” for six months until there is a ruling based on Senator Cirino’s proposed legislation.

We did record the entire meeting, but have edited the video to show only Dr, Beverage’s comments. Please do not try to change the channel….

Dr. Morris Beverage Jr. speaks to the D.I.E. committee members while on his vacation.
This video was taken some time ago, but it still reflects the overall sentiment of the teachers, and the administration of LCC.

All we can say is “Go Woke, and you will “Go Broke”.


Our next article regarding Lakeland Community College will address how many students need to take remedial English and Math. Also, we have interesting statistics about a 2021 study dealing with Depression and Anxiety among their students.


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