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The Ohio Roundtable is Launched!
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After many months of hard work by a core group of volunteers, we are excited today to announce the prototype launch of the OhioFAN media initiative: The Ohio Roundtable (TOR) – Committed to Providing the Truth!

The Ohio Roundtable is a Citizen Journalist – based media initiative, and you can go to roundtableohio.com to see what the The Ohio Roundtable Team has accomplished. — We think you’ll like what you see!  After you do, PLEASE forward this message with the flyer below to your members, friends and family, and ask them to visit the site and to also become The Ohio Roundtable Citizen Journalists (CJs)! Opportunity is waiting…

Over time, we believe The Ohio Roundtable will be one of the most important OhioFAN initiatives!  This is because it has the potential to change the way Ohioans get their news about their town, county, state and so much more!  We will cover news and events which affect everyone in our movement in an unbiased and factual way.  This will be key to ensuring our fellow Ohioans have all the facts they need as they make up their minds on important topics which affect Ohio’s future!

In closing, we would like to thank some of the people who have gotten The Ohio Roundtable off the ground:

  • George Csatary: TOR benefactor
  • Dakota Sawyer: Web master and TOR Working Group contributor
  • Jeff Skinner: TOR Editor and TOR Working Group contributor
  • Tom Hach: Working Group Coordinator and contributor
  • Sandie Zimmerman: TOR Working Group contributor and CJ
  • Ayad Rahim: TOR Working Group contributor and CJ
  • Joe Miller: TOR Working Group contributor
  • And thank you to the many CJs who have provided content contributions for this initial launch of TOR!

Please reach out to info@roundtableohio.com if you have any questions.

We look forward to working with you to make a difference in Ohio!

In God We Trust,

The Ohio Roundtable Working Group,

a project of Ohio Freedom Action Network


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