Truth, not love, conquers all

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Thanks to Luciana for sending this video to us. We have become a very sick society. So how did we get here?

What we are experiencing is not just “happening”. As I have written before, in my opinion, nothing happens in this world without someone wanting it to happen.

The constant attacks on our morality and culture are well orchestrated events to destroy America from within. The guilty parties are many, here are but a few:

  • Globalists’ attacks by international bodies, such as the United Nations, WHO
  • A Democrat Party led by socialists and communists bent on destroying our nation
  • Innumerable RINO’s in the Repbulcan Party without a backbone to do what is right, only worry about getting re-elected
  • A corrupt FBI and DOJ that have lost sight of their mission statement, and have turned on the very people that used to support them
  • Christian churches that no longer teach the revealed Word of God, and lack the fortitude to speak out publicly when they see the declining morality in our society. They only preach “love”, and “do not judge”. Truth, not love, conquers all.
  • Citizens that are only worried about their favorite pro team making the playoffs.

We have been experiencing a communist tactic originally developed by the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci. Here is a page from a new book entitled “The Anti-Communist Manifesto” by Jesse Kelly. [Another shout-out to the Lake County lobbyist for sending this to me.]

It is past time ladies and gentlemen to WAKE UP!

For you baseball fans, we are in the bottom of the ninth, we are down by ten runs, and our opponent has their ace closer on the mound.

Truth, not love, conquers all.




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