Joe Miller Podcast…August 8th Election is do or die for Ohio Constitution

Dan Cecil, Chairman of the Shelby County GOP, wrote the following:

I enjoyed our time together last night.  

Thanks to each of you for the work you’re doing to bring our state (and party) back to the right.

It sounds like we all agree that county parties, and therefore precinct representatives, are critical to advancing conservatism in the state.

1,000% more important than county precinct representatives are the 33 men and 33 women we elect from each senate district to “lead” the state party.  If these 66 men and women collectively get it wrong, there is no hope for the Republican Party in the state of Ohio.  Those 66 men and women have collectively gotten it terribly wrong, and they are responsible for leading us into the crisis we are in right now.  There is a minority of conservative opposition within that group, but the “establishment majority” is leading our party to the left.  They “created” the Stephens-22.  They own that debacle and the crisis that ensued!

I have come to the conclusion that, strategically, those 66 positions are more important than any individual house, or senate, or state-wide elected office seat.  Why?  Because of the influence those 66 people have on the choices “we the people” get for filling every one of those seats in the GENERAL election.  

We only get to vote on the candidates they give us.  And they have their collective thumb on the PRIMARY election scale to prevent successful primary challenges.  The power of the incumbency in the GENERAL election is more important to them than holding poor performers accountable for their poor performance in the PRIMARY election.  They are fundamentally opposed to successful primary challenges.  Therefore, we are hosed when we want change in Columbus!

Accountability can only be a reality in Columbus if it is supported by a majority of SCC members.  Right now, the majority chooses incumbency over accountability.  I’m working to change that in my Senate District and hope there is a concerted effort statewide to do the same!

Cheers…Dan Cecil – Chairman of the Shelby County GOP


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