Let’s Clear Up a Misunderstanding on the Local Property Taxes

Thanks to Lake County Auditor, Chris Galloway, for clearing up a misunderstanding about how property taxes are collected and distributed.

During a conversation with a Lake County taxpayer, a comment was made that the local property taxes, calculated by the Auditor’s office and collected by the Treasurer’s office, are sent to the the State of Ohio. Furthermore, it was stated that the State of Ohio “takes their cut” of the taxes collected, and sends the balance back to the County for distribution to the various political subdivisions.

I stated that I do not believe that to be true, but promised I would verify the procedures with the County officials.

Auditor Chris Galloway sent us the following information about what actually occurs.

“No money goes down to the state for ‘their cut.’ The only thing I can think of that they might be confusing is when Mike [Treasurer Mike Zuren] bills for property taxes we remit what the state owes for their share for each subdivision and the state pays the subdivision directly. Think of Owner Occupancy, Homestead, Disabled Veterans, etc… but that is adding money, not taking a piece of it.”

So there you have the facts…Hopefully, that clears up any misunderstanding about this issue.

Thanks again to Auditor Chris Galloway for his prompt response and transparency with the citizens of Lake County.



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