Stop Being Registered Voters Slaves, No Matter the Issue

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Katherine Hine

By Katherine Hine June 18, 2023

Freedom is not for everyone, although it’s available to everyone. But for those on this list I had ASSumed freedom indeed was a value. When you register anything, whether it’s a car, a firearm, your child’s birth, or yourselves, you are signing over ownership of the registered item to the corporations that operate what most of you here continue to beLIEve are your governmental entities.

As a registered voter, your very valuable signature is bundled into a list with signatures of other registered voter slaves, yes, slaves. That list, among other things, is their evidence to THEIR creditors that they have you as one of their guarantors, or sureties, for that debt or loan.

If you LIKE to remain a guarantor for a bunch of criminals masquerading as your “government” when they are really agents of interconnected private, for profit corporations, who spend like drunken sailors on useless crap we don’t want or need, then stay a registered voter slave. This will enable you to vote in rigged corporate elections which have nothing to do with protecting the people. If you don’t believe that they are agents for private, for- profit corporations with a purpose SOLELY to make a profit, NOT to protect YOU, you can verify for yourselves by looking them up on Dun and Bradstreet:

Dun and Bradstreet is but one data base that lists corporations and allows you to easily find their corporate identifiers. Unlike OUR corporations, which are registered with the OHIO SECRETARY OF STATE to make sure those of us foolish enough to incorporate follow all their rules, these “government” corporations don’t have to be bothered by any of that. So you won’t find them on the SOS site.

Now, that said, y’all have concerns that STATE OF OHIO’s “Constitution” might get amended and that these corporate agents will likely give themselves even MORE powers. Or the SEMBLANCE of powers anyway. Ask yourself – weren’t we promised a government by CONSENT? Once we learn how to take back the effects of our fraudulently induced signatures agreeing to be slaves, we don’t have to worry about what new so-called power these corporate agents might give themselves next. Your rights don’t come from STATE OF OHIO’S “Constitution” or even from the national Constitution. Those documents are merely catalogs of bad acts government agents are prohibited from committing, although they commit them anyway. Because we won’t stop them.

For further information on how we stop CONSENTING to this, and how other Ohioans, some even on this list, ARE extricating themselves from this corporate slave system, feel free to contact me, or see what we’re already doing with our people’s court:

For those worried that they don’t have “permission” from these criminals to say what the law is and what it is not, what our God given rights are and are not, the corporate agents working at the so-called U.S. SUPREME COURT long ago admitted that we in fact were and remain, in charge: Chisholmv.Georgia, 2 U.S. 419 (1793). Their “courts”, like their Constitutions, do not GIVE us any rights, God does.

Check out what other Ohioans are doing: You may also be interested in our efforts to teach people about their common law:

In solidarity,

Katherine Hine




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